Your files has been encrypted by keybtc@inbox_com? You don’t know how to remove it? Have tried many times to remove it but without success?Please read more here.

Files have been encrypted with keybtc@inbox_com

Once keybtc@inbox_com installed on your computer, it will start to encrypt your files on your computer. The following files might be objectives by this infetcion;

.odt, .ods, .odp, .odm, .odc, .odb, .doc, .docx, .docm, .wps, .xls, .xlsx, .xlsm, .xlsb, .xlk, .ppt, .pptx, .pptm, .mdb, .accdb, .pst, .dwg, .dxf, .dxg, .wpd, .rtf, .wb2, .mdf, .dbf, .psd, .pdd, .pdf, .eps, .ai, .indd, .cdr, .dng, .3fr, .arw, .srf, .sr2, .mp3, .bay, .crw, .cr2,.dcr, .kdc, .erf, .mef, .mrw, .nef, .nrw, .orf, .raf, .raw, .rwl, .rw2, .r3d, .ptx, .pef, .srw, .x3f, .lnk, .der, .cer, .crt, .pem, .pfx,.p12, .p7b, .p7c, .jpg, .png, .jfif, .jpeg, .gif, .bmp, .exif, .txt.
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You should know more about is harmful website that shows outdated browser or programs to cheat inexperienced computer users to visit its partners’ website and buy suspicious service or rogue. When users click to update the browser or programs offered by, malicious executed file will be downloaded. Read More →

Priceless 5.2 is considered as potential unwanted program and also a nasty adware that will take over all the web browser in the target system and deliver unstoppable pop-up ads to interrupt computer users to operate their PCs normally. Ads by Priceless 5.2 are almost about deals ans coupons that pop up all the time when people get online with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome or any other web browsers. Read More →

The Screenshot of Browser Hijacker Description: is compatible with web browsers  Google Chrome, . Users can do search on the search bar and visit some website. Thus, many users think it as a legitimate search engine. However, it is a browser hijacker that hijacks the default search engine and homepage without asking prompts from users. When installed on the target computers, it works all web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. If attackers open the affected web browsers, they will see that their original homepages change into Read More →

If always pops up on your browser when you surfing the Internet, that means your computer is infected with some potentially unwanted programs. How to Remove completely from your computer? In this post, you can get the step-by-step removal guide to get rid of

What do you know about is an malicious web browser extension which can be classified as an adware. This browser extension is detected by some antivirus as malware site or malicious site. Once the computer gets infected with, the browser setting will be changed. will take control of your browser and replace your default homepage and new tab. can affect all the common-used browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. Read More →

Basic information of Trojan:Win64/Minxer

Alert level: Severe
First detected by definition: 1.185.3823.0
Latest detected by definition: and higher
First detected on: Oct 20, 2014
This entry was first published on: Oct 20, 2014
This entry was updated on: Nov 21, 2014

This threat is also detected as:
TROJ_SPNR.0BJS14  Read More →

Basic Information of PWS:Win32/Blaknight.A

Name: PWS:Win32/Blaknight.A
Type: Trojan Horse
Systems Affected: All the Windows Operating System
Damage Level: High
Distribution Level: High
Alert level: Severe
First detected by definition: 1.187.2127.0
Latest detected by definition: 1.187.2127.0 and higher
First detected on: Nov 13, 2014
This entry was first published on: Nov 19, 2014
This entry was updated on: Nov 20, 2014
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Still struggling with pop-ups? Want to remove as well as its pop-ups? How?

Please read the following post and find the answers.

Brief Introduction to is identified as an adware which is capable of taking control of your web browser and display numerous pop-ups and inline-text ads to promote advertisements and generate traffic for certain websites and products in order to gain pagewiews and pay-per-click revenue. Read More → Thing is Fake! Do Not Be Taken In! is spam relatedhas been reported to interfere with users’ browser activities frequently in a recent period of time. This invader, doing precisely what a browser hijacker out there does, overrides your browser window continuously once sneaking into your system via a third party. Unwanted programs are always tricky enough to penetrate into computers via such transmissions: some bundled free downloads, compromised websites, spam attachments with malicious code, unsafe ad-supported browser plugin etc, so does this ad-generating bug.

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