You suddenly find a Browser Companion Helper toolbar on your web browser? Try a few ways to remove it with no luck? Please try the removal methods below. You will eventually get rid of it completely.

What is Browser Companion Helper?

Browser Companion Helper is released by company Blabbers Communications LTD. It can be a toolbar, an adware, a PUP, or even a browser hijacker. There will be a lot of undesirable behaviors conducted by this program. Please note that it will enter your computer after you download or install something. It can slip in your computer via other suspected or malicious websites, too. Read More →


“I was told that dwm.exe is infected by the virus called tr/ bitcoinminer.gen. How do I get rid of it. My avira doesn’t work.”

If your computer infected this this virus and you need help get rid of it, you can follow the guide given by this post.

What is TR/BitCoinMiner.Gen?

TR/BitCoinMiner.Gen is a BitCoin Miner virus that has been classified as a Trojan horse infection. It is a great threat to your computer because it will steal banking details or intercept your online transaction. Besides, this virus can also create malicious files and registry entries to your system. And then you will find your computer become slow and even sluggish. Same other certain Trojan, TR/BitCoinMiner.Gen will infect your important files in order to disable your anti-virus programs from the start-up. Here are some other problems this virus will also do.

  • It can offer access to remote hacker.
  • It can download and install other malware.
  • It can record your keystrokes and the sites you visit.
  • It can modify registry and browser settings.

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“I cannot seem to rid this crap – virus alert. I have tried everything – and it won’t go away. Can anyone shed some light on this.
Am I infected for good? I’ve tried everything any nothing pick’s up on it. Norton, Malawarebytes, AVG,Help Please.!!!”

Infected with “” and your browser keeps redirecting? Please follow the guides below to get rid of it.

What is is an adware that can affect many browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. It usually pops up as a start page or home page to these browsers and shows fake system warning telling users that their system have found various viruses. Please don’t be cheated by the promoted non-existent tech support services. Read More →


What is Trojan Generic36.BUDQ?

Trojan Generic36.BUDQ is regarded as a dangerous Trojan infection that will corrupt the system files and make the system malfunction. It is often distributed via spam email attachments, intrusive links, suspicious websites, or other infected software. Once infected, you will find your computer becomes slow and when you run a scan for your system you will bunches of infections identified as Generic36.BUDQ.

Created by cybercriminals, this Trojan virus can obtain access and control the infected PC. It is noted to be awfully invasive. It uses code injection to slip in your system and then start destructive activities. It will also run multiple processes on the background to consume your CPU usage. Besides, this virus will perform various harmful activities. Here are some details.   Read More →


Your computer finds It pops up something and slows your computer? This post will help you solve the problems.

What is is classified as a nasty adware that will display a lot of fake advertisements, update notification, and malicious program downloads. It has ability to modify your important settings, so you will find many wired things on your computer.

  • It takes over your homepage and new tab page;
  • It hijacks your web pages and interrupts your online activities;
  • It infects all the browsers on your computer;
  • It delivers endless of pesky pop-ups;
  • It triggers a lot of malware in your computer;
  • It weakens your system security.

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What is PUP.Optional.Spigot.A?

PUP.Optional.Spigot.A is a nettlesome potentially unwanted program that sneaks into on many computers stealthily through various channels such as freeware bundles, spam emails, or share files. But it is mainly distributed through bundling, so if you download software like free media players, PDF creators, and game apps, this PUP will slip in. Please read Terms and Agreements in the installation steps carefully. Make sure you deselect all checkmarks that indicate about unknown additional downloads in the Custom or Advanced installation mode.

This PUP will generate an adware called Spigot which can be added to your Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer. This adware will create tons of third party commercial ads labeled with “Ads by Spigot” or “Brought by Spigot”. It is disturbing if you click the ads because it will redirect your web to the suspected domain. What’s worse, clicking the ads may lead to junkware or malware. And then your PC will become slow and your privacy will be in danger. Read More →


Tons of pop-ups claiming from RotaryMasters keep popping up on every website you visit? You cannot get rid of them completely because they reappear over and over again? You can read this article to learn how to remove them.

What is RotaryMasters?

RotaryMasters is an adware that claims to improve its users’ online shopping experience. However, it is regarded as a troublesome program that will mess up users’ computers and disturb their internet browsing. Commonly, this adware can sneak into computer without users’ approval. It is hard to tell when it comes into the host until you find advertisements like “Ads by RotaryMasters” or “Powered by RotaryMasters” appear at the bottom of the pop-up boxes on your browser.

Ads_by_RotaryMasters Read More →


Information about is regarded as a dangerous backdoor Trojan that can allow remote attacker to access your computer and then take over it. This Trojan virus can be awfully invasive because it can connect to its Command and Control (C&C) server for further attacker’s instructions. And once it receives new commands and new updates, it will perform more harmful activities to damage your computer. Here are some details about it malicious activities in your machine.

  • It can delete, rename, or execute important system files;
  • It can log your keystrokes or steal your sensitive data;
  • It can add malicious entries to the Windows registry;
  • It can modify your computer default settings;
  • It can run or disable applications;
  • It can download and install rogue security product
  • It can drop and execute other malware.

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What is Sponsor?

Sponsor is a potentially unwanted program but considered as a tricky adware by many computer users. It serves as ad-supported platform for third party programs so that it can generate advertising profits to its distributor. Please note that this adware is usually distributed via freeware downloads and set as an optional offer in the installer. Users who ignore the installation process will accidentally be infected.

Once installed, Sponsor will install itself or other ads-related extensions to Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. And then it will inject a lot of intrusive pop-ups or full-page ads on the website you visit. Excerpt for that, it will redirect your webpage to the sponsored websites and even download high-risk malware infections to your computer. On the other hand, Sponsor can also slow your computer, delete your important files and even violate your privacy. You should try your best to remove it from your computer. Read More →


How do I remove  Shopping Assistant ? It doesn’t appear on any searches by that name or as Spigot but is on my browsers.

What is Shopping Assistant?

Shopping Assistant also found as Shopping Assistant by Spigot is an adware program. It will provide a lot of top deal, hot deals, or good deals that contains discounts and coupons on every website, especially Ebay and Amazon. So you will find multiple pop-up ads labeled with “Ads by Shopping Assistant”, “Brought by Shopping Assistant”, or “Powered by Shopping Assistant” on your web browser. Therefore, you will find it bothersome rather than useful.

This adware can be installed on your computer and added as a browser extension to Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc. It can modify your start-up settings and cause a lot of troubles. Read More →