Seems to get come ads or browser redirects from Couponing? Please don’t worry. Here are some removal guides that may help you out of troubles.

Couponing Description

Couponing has already been noted as an adware which seems more obtrusive than others. It can be downloaded from the internet or just come down with some free DVD converter software. Once installed, it will invade your web browser and add unwanted extension to your web.

This kind of adware can cause users a lot of troubles. It can take on some ad-based guises and cover any website you visit with random pop-ups or banners. You will have difficulty in finding what you need from the website. What a bad thing. Besides, this adware can generate all kinds of ads labeled with “Ads by Couponing”, “Brought by Couponing”, or “Powered by Couponing” to over-ride your search results. Read More →


You find random pop-ups from Adfree in your computer? Want to get rid of them quickly and safely? This post will give you effective removal guide. Please read more.

Adfree Description

Adfree is a potentially unwanted adware. It can be added as a browser extension to different web browsers. Being an adware, Adfree will perform its tasks. For example, it will show you great and comparative prices on the products that you are shopping for as well as display other pop-up ads about other unrelated odd things like media player, windows service, or malware scan. All those contents appear as pop-up boxes with the byline “Brought by Adfree”, “Ads by Adfree” or “Powered by Adfree”.

This adware is bad for your online activities. It can disturb internet browsing and even redirect you to suspicious domains. If vicious enough, this adware will collect your user name and password. And then you will suffer from important information leakage. What you should do is remove it in time. Read More →


In recent days, more and more computer users complain about Some people complain like these:

Victim 1: “ started today.

I was downloading Android studio and it made me download a lot of stuff from Java (some jdk or something).

I was using chrome but now every time that I try to go to any website from chrome, Mozilla or Explorer, avast starts to alert me.
Please. Help me.!!!”

Victim 2: “Keep getting popping up under uTorrent, any advice?”

If you also encounter the same problem as the computer users above, please read this post and follow the step-by-step removal steps below which can help you solve this problem completely.

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What is

A screenshot here:

websearch-helpmefindyour-info-virus is classified as a potentially unwanted browser plugin which can cause lots of annoyances to you once installed. Once this unwanted browser plugin manages to enter your computer, it might modify your browser settings, change the homepage, replace the default search engine, and finally take over the whole web browser. Then, it can redirect you to its homepage or other unknown websites again and again without any approval. So, if you encounter the same problem, then your web browser must be attacked by Here, it is highly recommended that you should remove this unwanted browser plugin from your PC immediately once you find it.

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What is SearchScopes?

If you find SearchScopes on your PC, you will experience various troubles. Developed by cyber criminals, this program is usually added as a browser extension to many popular internet browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. It is advertised to help its users search fast in their browsers, which sounds really great. Actually, it is another adware/PUP that will prevent you from enjoyable online experience.

Once inside, it will mess up your online activities by delivering you different advertisements titled with “SearchScopes Ads”, “Ads by SearchScopes”, “Brought by SearchScopes”, or “Powered by SearchScopes”. It scans your computer and browser activities, and then shares the collected data with third-parties. Thus, if you don’t deal with this adware in time, it will put your privacy at risk. Read More →

facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail supposedly is a malicious scam website which can be downloaded onto your PC unwittingly when you visit risky or corrupted websites, click on malicious links, open spam email attachments, or download freeware or shareware from unsafe sources online. Very often, popups appear in front of you whenever you are browsing the web or even you just open a new tab of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, or other common web browsers. The pop-up message from this website states that your PC might be infected with some kind of malware/ spyware/ adware which would pose a threat to your computer system and personal confidential information, and you should call their tech support hotline. However, you should never trust its words and not call the given number promoted on the pop-up.

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facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail Description

If you receive pop-up from, you may infect with malware. This pop-up is about fake video/flash player. It often informs you that your video/flash player might be outdate and recommends you to download update. However, you should accept any message from this pop-up. It will put your computer into high risk because it may possibly provide you with other unrelated programs.

flash player update

You should surf this website with caution because it can not only change your browser settings but also post severe PC threats to your computer. For example, it can record your personal information and modify or even damage your system files and entries. Besides, when you download the program from this website, you may additionally download unwanted bundles that may slow your computer and use a lot of your CPU time. You should be very careful and don’t click ant button from this pop-up. Read More →


Introduction of WordShark

Same to the WordFly Adware, WordShark will deliver different kinds of advertisements to draw users’ attention. Those ads can be commercial ads about coupons and deals or fake reward ads marked by “Important Message” and “Congradulations!” This adware aims at generate online profits as well as promoting its sponsored webpages. So when you click on the ads, you will be redirected to suspicious website that contains a lot of product or service promotions

WordShark is always bundled with some freeware or shareware. So when you download the program you want from the internet, especially from the unknown sources, you should check for every installation step and deselect the recommended additional tool. Read More →