It is better for you to remove Adware generic5.cdum from your system ASAP:

Adware generic5.cdum is a harmful adware that is designed by cyber criminals. It has been activated through the Internet for a long time and keeps attacking Windows based operating system like Windows 7/8/Vista/ XP . Once your PC is infected with Adware generic5.cdum, abnormal symptoms would appear absolutely. Read More →

What is the objective of can be bundled with freeware or shareware which user can download online freely, and infected with malware sites or famous websites. If you install programs from internet, you have to pay attention to the installation process. This adware exploits the vulnerabilities of firewall to infiltrate into the attacked computers. So please try you best to search out this foxy program and then delete it from the infected computer. Read More →

Is Your Browser Messed up by Pop-up? is such an unwanted adware that can take control of users’ web browsers relentlessly. This ad-supported program performing commercial-motivated hijacking and playing havoc with your computer should be driven away completely. You will soon notice its annoyances such as:

• It hijacks your browser and overrides your webpage constantly.
• It inserts unwanted app to your browser without any notification.
• It asks you to download something turns out superfluous totally.
• It drops new files and programs secretly to mess up your system.
• It performs unauthorized modification of your browser data.
• It takes up lots of resources and processes in the background.
• It lowers the availability of your browser seriously. Read More →

What is is classified as an advertising platform with adware capabilities to install its browser add-on into your web browser and display endless pop-up ads regardless of your needs to promote advertisements and generate traffic for some websites or products in order to gain pageviews or to make illegal money.

How gets into your PC?

Usually, this program comes into your computer by the means of being bundled with free application downloaded from free online resources. Browsing suspicious websites, opening intrusive links, or clicking malicious pop-up ads also can bring this program to your computer. Read More →

What happen if appears?

Not to be doubt that you can get a couple of popup commercial ads or links which shown on the page of These windows are very annoying that keeps popping all corners of the pages and obstruct your reading the information. Even though you close them, they can come back sooner or later. Most of the ads or links contain malware or malicious contents that if you click any of them, a host of unknown infections can come up and install on your computer without your notification. It attracts Internet users visiting them and clicking on pop-up ads to possibly boost website traffic and make money from the pay-per-click technique. Read More →


What is happening? hijacks your browsers without any notification?
You are totally stumped by
And now you are panic and you don’t know a thing to remove it.
But you don’t have to be.
Keep reading the post and then you will see., something keeps troubling you and you can’t stop it alone. is a nasty homepage presented as a legit search engine. But in fact, almost all its visitors were forcedly to browse this website after their being infected by this hijacker, which changes victims’ homepage and never allow them to re-change it. From the webpage of, we can only see a search box and a ‘Search’ button there, and other parts of the page are almost blank. Obviously, such a website is roughly designed by cyber criminal to fool PC rookies. Virus maker aims at advertising its domain and driving more traffic to benefit its ads sponsors. If you were fooled to visit its sponsors’ webpage and even input your financial info to buy their products, your property-related information such as credit card detail will even be stolen. Undoubtedly, to ensure the security of your computer, it’s highly recommended to remove with manual solution as quickly as you can. Read More →

This guy has been hit by Are you in the same situation?

“When I try to go to or Yahoo.mail, I see that it is trying to access another site >> << but end result is I can not access Yahoo anything. I am a novice at computer virus-spyware-adware detection and don’t know what to do.”, a browser hijacker, a bug and a trouble maker. is deemed as a browser hijacker designed to hijack your default homepage, which also means it can also corrupt your browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. It really looks like a genuine search provider. However, the truth is quite different. Once it is installed, it replaces your homepage and search engine without asking your permission via getting itself attached on the browser as an extension or an add-on. Read More →

What is redirect? is classified as the browser hijacker redirect virus, which can target almost all the web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc. As we all know, browser hijacker redirect virus will replace your default homepage and modify your default browser setting and there is no exception for this redirect. If firstly one of your browsers got infected by this hijacker, then it can affect your other web browsers one by one.

Probable harms of having on your computer

After it sneak into your computer, it can modify your system files and add its registry to the startup item to make itself automatic run every time you launch your computer. Besides, your browser can also be modified without your consent.
Besides, more ads will pop up on your computer screen to drive you crazy. It is designed by cyber hackers to increase web traffic and generate profit, it is not only can take up your system resource but also can track down your online traces to achieve its promoting purpose. If you keep living with this computer threat, your computer will run slower and slower than before and more pop up ads will show up on your computer or even your browser will crash down, it is suggested to remove it ASAP before it causes more damages on your computer. Read More →