Recently, there are many computer users complaining a browser hijacker called Onclickads. These popups appear each time they launch the browser and then redirect their websites without stopping. Actually, onclickads popups are caused by adware program. So, if you want to stop the popups, you need to remove the adware at first.

What is Onclickads?


Onclickads is an advertising platform which is aimed to promote advertisements and create better traffic for its partners. It often appears as a pop-up window to deliver advertisements which may drive visitor’s traffic to third party websites or even malicious websites. You should be on the alert that once you are led to the malicious websites, your computer may get infected with malware. Here is an issue from a user about the infection of Onclickads: Read More →


Know More about Trojan.Win64.Patched.qw

Trojan.Win64.Patched.qw is a dangerous Trojan infection that may cause various problems to the infected computer. It is designed by cyber criminals conduct a series of destructive activities in your computer and finally achieve evil goals like stealing user account number and passwords, credit card number, banking credentials or other important details stored on the computer

Trojan.Win64.Patched.qw usually comes into your computer via spam email attachments, intrusive links, suspicious websites, malicious pop-up ads, or infected software. Once inside, it will connect a Command and Control server to get instructions to start destructive activities. For example: Read More →


How to remove or quarantine win32/hadsruda!bit malware. Microsoft Security Essentials has been tried for quarantine or to remove and each time it says the action has succeeded but immediately later the warning reappears. So far there is no Malfunction but it is driving me bonkers.

Brief Introduction of Program:Win32/Hadsruda!bit

Program:Win32/Hadsruda!bit is detected as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) that usually invades your computer via deceptive methods without your knowledge. The display program or this PUP usually tries to look innocent to convince you to install them on your PC. Once installed, it will bring a series of troubles to your computer. Here are some examples: Read More →


How to get rid of < BrowswerModifies:Win32/smudplu > I am getting warning message via Windows Defender and it cleans it as well. But after a short time I again get this message. Please advise me how to get rid of this permanently.

Brief Introduction of BrowswerModifies:Win32/smudplu

BrowswerModifies:Win32/smudplu is severe cyber threat that has been detected as Potentially Unwanted Program. Please note that this PUP often comes bundled with other software. So you should be careful when you attempt to download and install software to your computer. Read More →


My start page of Firefox and chrome keeps changing to I got many virus, used a lot antimalware programs and this seems to be the last one remaining.

What is is actually recognized as a browser hijacker even if it seems like a legit site that offers some shortcut icons for favorite sites. It is often compatible with many browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. However, from the screenshot, you can see there are a lot of unwanted ads and shortcuts for its sponsored sites. Screenshot Read More →

facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail seems to attach itself to Google Chrome and comes up in a new tab. I have read it is malware. I can’t find it anywhere in my computer, and Kaspersky Anti-Virus hasn’t detected it. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

What is is classified as a browser hijacker designed to hijack your default homepage, which also means it can also corrupt your browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Once infected, you cannot use your default homepage and search engine anymore because you have been infected with something bad and your browser settings have already been changed.

Bilisearch Read More →


How can I remove Search Pile from Google Chrome as it seems to have imposed itself on my Chrome browser as the default search engine?

Details of Search Pile

Search Pile also known as is classified as a browser hijacker that compromises different kinds of internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. It is created to generate web traffics and online advertising profits. So once infected, you will find a lot of advertisements on the page that you visit including the search results page.


Search Pile is not a virus but an actually unwanted program. It has ability to mess up your web browser by falsifying your default settings such as home page URL, start page URL, new tab URL, etc. You will come to this suspected domain rather than your default homepage if you start you browsers. So it can be very disturbing to surf the internet with the changed browser. Read More →


It has been few days I had this best coupon ads on almost every website. I can’t get rid of them. Microsoft safety scanner, spybot-search & destroy, malwarebyte and ccleaner didn’t work… It is on Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer… Just need to know anyone has any solutions for this?

Best Coupon is bad for your online activities. Why?

Best Coupon is promoted as a time-saving add-on which helps computer users save time and money by offering best deals, coupons, or online savings. However, they often end up with a bunch of advertisements showing as “Best Coupon Ads”, “Ads by Best Coupon”, “Powered by Best Coupon”, and “Brought by Best Coupon”. They can interrupt your browsing and even all the online activity. Read More →


Every time I turn on my PC MSE sends the notification “Detected threat has been removed” and when I check the history it is labeled as PWS:MSIL/Mintluks.A . I’ve tried running full scans with MSE and Microsoft security scanner but no luck, this virus is detected every time I turn on my PC. It would be really appreciated if someone could tell me how to get rid of this a.s.a.p, as I do a lot of online banking on my PC

Information about PWS:MSIL/Mintluks.A

PWS:MSIL/Mintluks.A is a harmful Trojan which can infiltrate into your PC without your knowledge because you are not aware of the things you do may trigger this trojan. It usually arrives as an attachment to a spam email, a bundle to an infected software, or a patch of codes of some corrupt websites. If you get something from suspected/spam emails, software, or websites, you may get PWS:MSIL/Mintluks.A as well. Read More →