“I have Live PC Help in my computer. It annoys me so much. How can I remove it?”

Information about Live PC Help

Live PC Help is classified as an adware which is created to promote advertisings with on line PC service. Live PC Help has seriously interrupted computer users’ online activities for it gets popping up on every webpage you open. Browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are likely to be infected with this adware.

Once infected, Live PC Help is possible to modify browser settings, default search engine, and homepage settings without users’ consent. It can make your computer system vulnerable for the additional malware like trojan, spyware and ransomware. Besides, Live PC Help will drag down your computer speed. You will find your computer in poor performance if Live PC Help comes into your system. Read More →


——Found JS/Kryptik.ATB trojan on my computer need help removing!

Do you know JS/Kryptik.ATB? Have you got JS/Kryptik.ATB in your PC? Need help to remove it? Then you can go to this post and wipe JS/Kryptik.ATB off your PC.

Information about JS/Kryptik.ATB.

JS/Kryptik.ATB falls into the group of Trojan horse virus that can damage the compromised computers in various aspects. Once the Trojan JS/Kryptik.ATB inject into your computer, it will insert some malicious codes into the kernel system and send destruction commends to destroy your defense system. Commonly, it will gradually perform various harmful activities, such as deleting important system files, adding malicious entries to the Windows registry, changing browser settings, disabling antivirus program, weakening your firewall, downloading other malwares to the computer, etc. Pop-ups and inline-text ads will also show on almost every web page you are browsing to disturb you since JS/Kryptik.ATB is bundled with ad-supported program that will display intrusive advertisements promoting malicious or hijacked websites. Read More →


What is Lucky Tab?

Lucky Tab is listed as a malicious adware that provides pop-ups and text links. It is described as a useful tool that provides a great range of web browsing features, including limited-time offers, interesting deals, social media apps, coupons, comparison shopping, and many more. However, it has an undeserved reputation. Once you click Lucky Tab, unwanted advertisements, such as discount coupons, deals and online savings, will pop up at your screen. Since it is often associated with browser hijackers, you will be tired of redirecting to one undesirable website to another. Watch out if you see Lucky Tab advertisements on any of your web browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and even Safari. Read More →