Some Windows system users are encountering trouble with en error code B2957e and they are seeking for help over the Internet and have active discussion on Microsoft communities. Well, “Code B2957E” pop-up is a severe security issue you should take it seriously into consideration and perform effective “Code B2957E” pop-up removal solution to fix the problem. This post is going to guide you on how to deal with “Code B2957E” pop-up once it is detected in your Windows system.

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What is is a browser hijacker or adware that features in numerous pop-up ads displayed on computer users web browsers, whether it is Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox, etc. If you are in the trap of, you may feel frustrated for each time when you try to open a new tab for your favorite page, you will be redirected to related site. What’s worse, advertisements related to this adware pop up constantly, so that an accidental click upon those ads can lead to programs download, while you never want to download or install those programs.
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Recently, there are many computer users complaining a browser hijacker called Onclickads. These popups appear each time they launch the browser and then redirect their websites without stopping. Actually, onclickads popups are caused by adware program. So, if you want to stop the popups, you need to remove the adware at first.

What is Onclickads?


Onclickads is an advertising platform which is aimed to promote advertisements and create better traffic for its partners. It often appears as a pop-up window to deliver advertisements which may drive visitor’s traffic to third party websites or even malicious websites. You should be on the alert that once you are led to the malicious websites, your computer may get infected with malware. Here is an issue from a user about the infection of Onclickads: Read More →


It has been few days I had this best coupon ads on almost every website. I can’t get rid of them. Microsoft safety scanner, spybot-search & destroy, malwarebyte and ccleaner didn’t work… It is on Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer… Just need to know anyone has any solutions for this?

Best Coupon is bad for your online activities. Why?

Best Coupon is promoted as a time-saving add-on which helps computer users save time and money by offering best deals, coupons, or online savings. However, they often end up with a bunch of advertisements showing as “Best Coupon Ads”, “Ads by Best Coupon”, “Powered by Best Coupon”, and “Brought by Best Coupon”. They can interrupt your browsing and even all the online activity. Read More →


Hi, my wife’s computer got infected another time; I am trying to sort things out. I found traces of Price Fountain…As to circumstances my wife realized her computer is infected – she couldn’t run any browser other than IE. She got Chrome installed but she couldn’t run it properly, so she decided to install Firefox but installation always failed. After I heard that I started looking around her computer and run all the programs form the link above…

If you encounter issues like the mentioned above, you can follow the guide below to resolve it.

What is Price Fountain?

Price Fountain is an adware which will break into your computer without your awareness and consent, because it is typically bundled with other third party software as an additional bundle. You will probably download it when using default installation to install software to your computer. To avoid this adware, you should always opt for Custom or Advanced Option to uncheck any boxes that requires additional tools or programs. Read More →


How do I permanently get rid of GetPrivate ads? I’m sick of this adware. I’ve had it for a couple months, and whenever I try to get rid of it, it comes back a couple of days later. I just need an effective way to remove it so I never have to deal with it again. It’s very annoying.

What is GetPrivate?

GetPrivate is a free application which claims to help you enhance your browsing experience. However, it is found to be an unwanted adware that displays unstoppable ads on your browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.

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What is Buy2Suave?

Buy2Suave is classed as adware or potentially unwanted program (PUP) that claims to save your time and money when shopping online. However, it will inject your internet browsers with different kinds of wired things like coupons, deals, savings, fake video update, fake prize banners, and other bogus products or services promotions. Buy2Suave is designed to generate web traffics and pay-per-click revenues. Please don’t click on them in case they redirect you to other websites that main contain malware or force you to download junkware. Read More →


I downloaded a copy of Audacity audio processing program. It appears that I have also downloaded unwanted Adware.

Whenever I run IE I get a warning from Kaspersky.

I choose the “delete” option for each of the three files, but the warning returns next time I start IE. How do I clean out the Adware altogether?

What is Adware.JS.Znooser?

Adware.JS.Znooser is an adware infection that will sneaks into your computer without your knowledge and permission via infected software, spam emails, torrent files, or corrupt websites. This adware has ability to affect Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and Windows Vista. Once inside, it will generate a variety of deceptive and nasty advertisements to your computer.

Some antivirus programs also recognize it as a Trojan infection that may bring more damages to your system and lead to a serious of troubles. Here are some examples.

  • It can change your browser settings and mess up your browsing activity;
  • It can trigger random popups and redirects to your web browsers;
  • It can modify or even delete your system files;
  • It can download malicious files or codes to your computer;
  • It can exploit loopholes and open backdoor for other malware infection;
  • It can take up memory space and system resources;
  • It can record your browsing history and steal your important login details;
  • It can download more threats to your computer and slow your computer.

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If you are seeing “Brought by FlashMail” on your computer, your computer might have infected by an adware or potentially unwanted program. Please read more to learn how to remove it from your computer.

FlashMail Description

FlashMail is a troublesome adware or PUP that sneaks into user’s computer with different tricky ways. It is mainly bundled with other software, especially freeware or shareware. Once you download infected software to your computer and install it by default installation, adware or PUP such as FlashMail will get installed on your computer alongside. It is also packaged into some junk files by the cyber criminals. Once you download and open the infected files, this pesky adware will get into your computer as well. Read More →


Are there a lot of pop-up ads by USAmazing Deals showing up on your computer? Do you find them annoying and disturbing? Want to remove them from your computer to get back your smooth computer? Please read the article below to learn what you need.

About USAmazing Deals

USAmazing Deals is presented as the best shopping helper that helps to find good deals and amazing deals. However, it is actually an unwanted adware that sneaks into users’ PCs through bundling, a way to stealthily distribute third party applications together with regular software. Once installed, USAmazing Deals adds itself onto different browsers as a browser extension. And then it can manage your add-ons and record your online activities.

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