Totaladperformance Description

Totaladperformance, also known as or total ad performance, is just a malware that affects thousands of computer users. Users find it annoying because it keeps redirecting their websites to every now and then and displaying a lot of total ad performance pop-up ads. Actually, the pop-ups can be caused by other software in your computer or unwanted browser extensions on your web browser. The programs that cause totaladperformance can sometimes be Adblock Super extension or DownloadHelper extension. You should find them and remove them.

Those unwanted browser extensions usually comes bundled with other software, especially freeware. They get in as optional offers without asking permission. If you fail to disable them, they will soon be added to your web automatically. You should remove all those unwanted programs to stop redirects and total ad performance pop-up ads. Read More →


Information about WanderBurst

You may see many ads labeled with “Ads by WanderBurst” across your webpages if you get an adware WanderBurst in your computer. Although it claims to provide you with convenient online shopping service like coupons, discounts and other good deals, it is not that helpful. Actually it will trigger additional PC problems.

Working as a browser extension, this adware can make unbridled attacks to your web browser like displaying multiple pop-up ads or banners. It will interrupt your browsing activities through a bunch of pop-ups or links which aims to cheat your clicks and traffics. It can also slow down your computer, record your browsing history and even steal your information stored on browser.

This unwanted adware can be downloaded along with freeware, shareware, and other small programs. If you ignore the installation process and keep clicking Next Step or OK, you will get this adware in your computer by default. What you should do is pick up a custom installation and disable the additional tools that other program offers. Read More →


Know More about EnjoyCoupon

EnjoyCoupon is an adware added as a browser extension to web browser at the same time. It claims to enhance users’ online activities by offering the hottest deals from the best online shops. So when you browse the web, you will see a lot of shopping coupons and discounts. However, it is just a trouble maker rather than a shops assistant. Once inside, this adware will inject your web browser with all kinds of ads such as pop-ups, banners, or in-texts. Typically, you will see constant ads like “Ads by EnjoyCoupon” or “EnjoyCoupon Ads” on the website that you visit.


EnjoyCoupon comes bundled with other free software or share software. It can get in your PC if you fail to read the license agreement and reject suspicious programs in the custom installation of the software that you install. Please mind this adware and try your best to avoid it, because it can do many harmful activities like recording users’ IP addresses, unique identifier numbers, search queries, website URLs visited, pages viewed, and other details that may be personally identifiable. It can also interrupt users’ online activities. No one can bear this nasty adware. Read More →


What is ConvertDocsNow?

ConvertDocsNow is one of the nasty programs distributed in various web browsers. It is promoted as a useful tool that helps users to convert their PDFs and other documents for free. Actually, you may encounter many troubles if you download and install it on your web browser. Please think over.

ConvertDocsNow by Myway

Once installed as a browser extension on your web browser, ConvertDocsNow may bring some other unwanted programs into your computer and then start to track your browsing history. Some people may complain that this extension can display a lot of coupons or deals when they go on shopping using browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explore. Since this extension is often packed with other programs like adware or search provider, you may possibly face with other troubles. For example, it may modify your default search and changes your homepage so as to collect search terms from your search queries to get the advertising revenue. Read More →


What is Ad Blaster?

Ad Blaster is a browser extension which is compatible with many web browsers. It is claimed to be a useful tool that helps users block ads and popups, which seems very helpful. Actually, it is another adware that will prevent you from enjoyable online experience with other ads claiming from this program. This adware often appear as banners, pop-ups, ad boxes and in-text hyperlinks across your screen. Once you click on them, you will come to its sponsored webpages where you can see other unwanted service promotions.

Ad Blaster can lead to some PC problems. Here are some details listed:

  1. Modify browser settings;
  2. Trigger browser add-ons and other unwanted programs;
  3. Generate junk files and registries;
  4. Take up system resources and drag down computer;
  5. Read and collect sensitive and private information.

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facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail description is an ad-supported web browser extension and add-on which is related to adware. It can bring several issues on your main browser as well as your PC. Usually, you may get this extension through free downloads. You also may get it through hacked websites and sponsored links. After the infection, it’ll pop up you numerous unwanted ads. It uses ads to generate pay-per-click revenue. And your browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox may all be affected by it. Some adware also may be brought by it. Your valuable information is its target. Remove it as fast as you can.

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You got a flood of Ads Price Defend on your browser? You feel irritated with ads? Please read the post below and learn how to remove them completely.

Description on Price Defend

Price Defend is a suspicious browser add-on which will sneak into your PC without your knowledge and consent. This adware targets on browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Please remember that it will bundle to some installers such as the freeware, shareware, online games, manager, etc. You’d better check every installation process to get rid of this adware.


Price Defend displays various advertisements on the websites you visit and claims to enhance your web browsing experience by showing the so-called useful ads. However, this browser extension can turn into a nightmare for any user because it attacks the browser with tons of annoying pop-up ads, slows down computer and exposes users to a number of dangerous threats (rogue software, browser hijacker, worm, backdoor, and even Trojan). Therefore, you are highly recommended to get rid of Price Defend the moment you find advertisements labeled with “Price Defend” or “Ads by Price Defend”. Read More →


What is DisccountExteennsI 7.2?

DisccountExteennsI 7.2 is an ads-supported web browser extension which can be classified as an adware. This adware is created by the cyber criminals to make profits by generating web traffics. After DisccountExteennsI 7.2 gets into the computer, it will change the browser setting automatically without your permission and awareness. It can attach on browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. Read More →


What do you know about is a browser hijacker hat can get into the computer along with other free downloads, such as browser update, Java update, Flash Player update, Video Player update, video recording, download-managers or PDF creators. It can install on the computer without your permission if you failed to check the Installation process. After getting into the computer, it is capable to change the browser setting automatically.

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