What is Search.mysafenewpagessearch.com?

Search.mysafenewpagessearch.com is a browser hijacker or adware that features in numerous pop-up ads displayed on computer users web browsers, whether it is Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox, etc. If you are in the trap of Search.mysafenewpagessearch.com, you may feel frustrated for each time when you try to open a new tab for your favorite page, you will be redirected to Search.mysafenewpagessearch.com related site. What’s worse, advertisements related to this adware pop up constantly, so that an accidental click upon those ads can lead to programs download, while you never want to download or install those programs.
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My start page of Firefox and chrome keeps changing to ebd123.com. I got many virus, used a lot antimalware programs and this seems to be the last one remaining.

What is Ebd123.com?

Ebd123.com is actually recognized as a browser hijacker even if it seems like a legit site that offers some shortcut icons for favorite sites. It is often compatible with many browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. However, from the screenshot, you can see there are a lot of unwanted ads and shortcuts for its sponsored sites.

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Bilisearch.net/search seems to attach itself to Google Chrome and comes up in a new tab. I have read it is malware. I can’t find it anywhere in my computer, and Kaspersky Anti-Virus hasn’t detected it. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

What is Bilisearch.net/search?

Bilisearch.net/search is classified as a browser hijacker designed to hijack your default homepage, which also means it can also corrupt your browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Once infected, you cannot use your default homepage and search engine anymore because you have been infected with something bad and your browser settings have already been changed.

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How can I remove Search Pile from Google Chrome as it seems to have imposed itself on my Chrome browser as the default search engine?

Details of Search Pile

Search Pile also known as home.searchpile.com is classified as a browser hijacker that compromises different kinds of internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. It is created to generate web traffics and online advertising profits. So once infected, you will find a lot of advertisements on the page that you visit including the search results page.


Search Pile is not a virus but an actually unwanted program. It has ability to mess up your web browser by falsifying your default settings such as home page URL, start page URL, new tab URL, etc. You will come to this suspected domain rather than your default homepage if you start you browsers. So it can be very disturbing to surf the internet with the changed browser. Read More →


You are currently facing browser hijacker named “searchinterneat.a.akamaihd”? Try to fix it but fail? You might consider the removal methods here. Good luck for you.

What is Searchinterneat.a.akamaihd.net?

Searchinterneat.a.akamaihd.net is a suspected URL caused by ad-supported program or malware. It is often distributed via free software, corrupt website, or spam emails. You should surf the internet with caution in case of infecting with malware.

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Your computer has a suspected program can Bitcro or BC Search? It has created a lot of troubles to your computer? You might think of removing it and clearing away all the troubles. You can find something useful from this article. Please keep reading.

What is Search.bitcro.com?

Search.bitcro.com also known as BC Search is classified as a browser hijacker that affects web browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome) installed on your computer. It is created to generate web traffic and online advertising profits. There are shortcuts to some famous websites under the search box. Please see the screenshot below.

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In the middle of browsing the internet my screen flashed a message that my computer has been locked because it may have been infected. There is a phone number to call.  I did call the number but it is not identified as Microsoft.  Is this an attempt to get information and/or money?  

What is “Computer has been locked because it may be infected” Popup?

“Computer has been locked because it may be infected” Popup is usually caused by ad-supported programs or malware. It happens after you install suspected software from unreliable download websites or just legit software that has been compromised. It can sneak into your computer via malicious web scripts so you should be careful with the website you visit. Read More →


What is Search.realcoolmoviessearch.com?

Search.realcoolmoviessearch.com is a search website is created to generate web traffic and gain online advertising profits. It is classified as a browser hijacker that usually comes bundled with freeware downloads. You should be cautious when you try to install download managers, media players, PDF creators and other programs from third party websites. You may agree to install the Search.realcoolmoviessearch.com if you just keep clicking on the Next or Accept button during installation setup.

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“Hello! I am having a very annoying problem and it is driving me crazy. I have a fake BSOD and it just will not go away. It’s not a virus that I’ve found. It also appears to just be a floating image, as I just seem to be able to pick it up and move it out of the way. I still desperately want it gone.”

What is BSOD: ERROR 777 Failure Operating System?

If you get pop-ups about BSOD: ERROR 777 Failure Operating System, your computer may infect with certain malware. This kind of popup appears after you download something and visit corrupt websites. It is not a real BSOD error but just an online phone scam that asks you to call the so-called toll free number. If you call the number, you will be asked to pay for the remote assistance to fix your computer. This kind of scam often appears on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Please note that a BSOD screen does not look like that, don’t say those texts, and won’t offer you toll free helpline. It is ridiculous.

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“Since yesterday, when I click anywhere on the page, a new tap is automatically opened covering whole page. It is a malware named rdsrv.com/newbidder. I have tried many ways but it still there. Anyone know how to remove it?”

What is Rdsrv.com?

Rdsrv.com also rdsrv.com/newbidder is adware type of browser hijacker that often hijacks the infected browsers to its malicious domain. Typically, it will appear even when you are visiting a web page, namely, it can easily interrupt your internet browsing. This nasty browser hijacker can sneak into your computer with the help of other small programs or freeware, or just via corrupted website scripts.

Once infected, no matter what kind of web browser you use (IE, Firefox, or Chrome), some of your settings will be changed. It can add suspicious extension to your browser and even download PUPs to your computer. It has ability to infect and damage your windows registry, making your computer out of control. Since it is ads-related, you will find a lot of advertisements on your web. It is another disturbance to your internet activities. Read More →