What is Mysearchdial.com?

Mysearchdial.com is classified as a browser hijacker infection that affects many web browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome). Once inside, it will generate start.mysearchdial.com to occupy your homepage and will add MySearcgDial Toolbar and MySearcgDial extension to your web.


This browser hijacker is created to create web traffic and generate online advertising profits. It can mess up your web browser by falsifying your default settings such as startpage URL, new tab URL, etc. That is to say, mysearchdial.com can replace your new tab page, your home page, and even your search engine. When you are browsing the web, you will be interrupted by the third party ads or redirected by its sponsored websites. Read More →


TNS Search Description

TNS Search is classified as a nasty browser hijacker that usually infiltrates user’s computer alongside other freeware and shareware. If you fail to reject it in the installation process, it will settle down your computer and add other thing to your web browser. The stealthy distributions and negative features of TNS search make it an evil browser hijacker. Please note that it is a trouble maker that will slow your computer and cause many other troubles.

  • It will replace your home page and search engine;
  • It will display a lot of third party ads on the search results.
  • It will record your online activities;
  • It will mess up your internet browsing;
  • It will trigger other unwanted programs or malware to your computer.

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Qone8.com Description

Seemingly a legitimate search website, qone8.com offers its users with web, images, videos, and news buttons on the top left window, just as google does. This website, usually as a home page, is compatible with many browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. However, from the screenshot, you can see the difference. It has an unknown search engine and shows a lot of ads on the search results. It is not as good as other favorite search providers.

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Tr553.com redirects your web when you are surfing the internet? It keeps coming without asking your permission? If you cannot get rid of it on your own, please read the removal guides below to get help.

What is Tr553.com?

When your browser keeps forwarding to tr553.com, you might infect with a browser hijacker infection. It affects many web browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome). It aims at redirecting users to tr553.com to gain online profits by promoting third party products.

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What is Opti-page.com?

At first sight, Opti-page.com seems like a legitimate and normal website which you could keep as your homepage and search engine. However, you should not tricked by its appearance. As a matter of fact, Opti-page.com is classified as a browser hijacker that might pop up on your computer when you visit risky or corrupted websites, open spam email attachments, click on malicious links, or download freeware or shareware from unsafe sources online.

A screenshot here:


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Often being redirected to Your-home-page.net means that your web browsers are being hijacked. Looking for an effective way to solve this problem?

Your-home-page.net is classified as a potentially unwanted program, called PUP for short, and a browser hijacker. At first sight, this seems like a normal and legitimate search engine. As a matter of fact, it has the same capabilities as a browser hijacker which can cause much trouble to online computer users.


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Your web browser is always redirected to suspicious domains? They warn you that you may have spyware or adware that cause important information leakage? All of them ask you to call 1-844-798-8878 for help? This post offers you effective solutions on removing 1-844-798-8878 Pop-up Scam. Please keep reading.

What is 1-844-798-8878?

1-844-798-8878 often appears on the virus warning alert websites which have the ability to affect different kinds of web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. All those suspicious websites are recognized as browser hijackers. This phone call is phony and often used to make paid service and extort innocent users’ money. Once you are urged to call this number, you should ignore it.

Here is a screenshot of 1-844-798-8878 pop-up scam:

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Your IE (Firefox or Google) is stopped in boxington.org? Don’t know whether it is safe or not to call the helpline at 1-844-335-0525? This post will tell you more about this website and offer best methods to deal with it.

About Boxington.org

Boxington.org affects almost all the browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. It can scare you into calling the number and ask you to offer them access to check your computer for potential issues. Please don’t be cheated. This pop-up is actually a browser hijacker caused by suspicious programs in your computer.

Here is a screenshot of boxington.org pop-up.

boxington.org popup

Boxington.org often hijacks the infected browsers to its malicious domain. You will get stuck in this domain and cannot get out of it unless you end your IE (Firefox or Google) processes on the task manager. Once infected with this dubious website, whenever you open your browser, you will get to this fake windows firewall warning website. As is seen, your default homepage has already been replaced by random URL. Another thing that you should know is the malware in your computer will lead to privacy security risks and generate a bunch of PC vulnerabilities. You should get rid of this pop-up alert as soon as possible. Read More →


Your browser keeps forwarding to dllsoftper.com? Find it nasty because it is unstoppable? Please look at this post and learn how to remove this suspected website.

Description on Dllsoftper.com

Dllsoftper.com is a free download website that mainly promotes various player such as video player, media player, or flash player. It often recommends users Install or Download the software by offering wonderful features. Actually, what you get from the buttons will always be unwanted programs.

This pop-up is the main problem that you encounter. It is regarded as a browser hijacker that often hijacks the infected browsers to its malicious domain. You cannot get rid of it easily because its components in your PC ensure it can keep appearing. In other words, your homepage and new tab URLs has already been replaced by the random ones offered by dllsoftper.com. You need to remove all the threats to fix your browser.

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