My AVG found a virus or malware called: “​eID_pe_iscorrupted” after full scan. I deleted it with AVG but soon I found it was still at large. How to I remove it permanently?

What is EID_pe_iscorrupted?

EID_pe_iscorrupted is a corrupted Temp file that usually associates with serious adware problem. It is detected as a malware that will cause some errors in your computer and damage your system. Please download SpyHunter Anti-Malware to eliminate EID_pe_iscorrupted and fix problem caused by EID_pe_iscorrupted.

Commonly, EID_pe_iscorrupted comes via spam emails, infected software, torrent files, or corrupt websites. Therefore, you’d better be careful with emails with suspected attachments, software that you attempt to download from unreliable third party websites, and share files received and downloaded from unknown resource. You should also be careful if you are redirected to suspected websites that contains random popups and links. Read More →


I am struggling with a nasty malware since last week…The malware activated and create .exe files to C:\USERS/PUBLIC folder and its all sub-folders. Hangs mouse or stuck mouse pointer… I have tested with Avira, MBAM and other tools – they detect it and delete it but again it come back within 24 hours!

What is Win32.Brontok.NB (B)?

Win32.Brontok.NB (B) is recognized as a malware that sneaks into your computer via infected software, spam emails, intrusive links, suspicious websites, and peer to peer share files. Once inside, it can damage the compromised computers in various aspects.

  • It can delete important system files;
  • It can falsify Windows registry entries;
  • It can infect other programs installed on computer;
  • It can trigger more computer threats;
  • It can record your keystrokes and collect your important data;
  • It can destroy your defense system and weaken your firewall;
  • It can change your browser settings…

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Whenever you start your browser (usually Chrome), you find a page opening up and starting to download a file (link at What is it? How to remove it from your computer? You can get your answer from this article.

What is is a domain registered by INTERNET URL S.A. It seems normal. But there are users complain that they keep downloading file (HPDetect.msi) from In this case, your computer might have infected by malware. This malware uses other technology to compromise your computer and change your browser settings so that you can reach this site when your start your browser. Commonly, it will modify your browser homepage and even new tab. It is disturbing to surf the internet with this infected browser. It will also trigger unwanted extension to your browser. What have been added to your computer will read your browsing history and even some important or private data on your system. To avoid more troubles and damages, you are recommended to remove the potential malware in your computer and restore your chrome. Read More →


If you encounter Rudll32.exe Problem and need help get rid of it, please read the post below carefully.

What is Rudll32.exe?

Rudll32.exe is a dll (Dynamic Link Library) files known as Run a DLL as an App or Windows host process. It is often located in the C:\Windows\System32 folder. Commonly, it is a safe Microsoft Windows system process simply used to launch functionality stored in shared .dll files.

However, authors of malware programs, such as viruses, worms, and Trojans will change their names as rudll32.exe which is now called rudll32.exe virus. This virus can make changes on your registry. Same to other virus, it can take up a lot of CPU usage and slow your computer. Please see what other users complain about it. Read More →


What is is a suspected website that appears on different browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. This website is used to an automated software deployment, upgrade and removal program for Windows. However, it is not as good as it describes. Commonly, you will find this website everywhere as soon as your computer is infected. That is because it can change your browser settings to enable its popup. Screesnhot aims at increasing web traffic. It can insert malicious scripts on your computer, making it easier to root in your computer. This suspected malware can monitor your machine and steal your confidential information and your important information may be sent to the network businessman for commercial purposes. Read More →


“Found two tammgF(R)119.sys files from registry and system32 folder. I’ve tried many times to remove them but have had no luck. If someone could tell me how to remove them, that would be great!”

TammgR119.sys & TammgF119.sys Description

TammgR119.sys & TammgF119.sys is an executable malware which can infect computers with windows operating system. This malware usually find its way into the target computer stealthily as an attachment to an email message. As you will open the email, you may get this malware unconsciously. Besides, this malware can be caused by the Trojan that has already been in your system. Anyway, this malware can penetrate into your system without your knowledge until you find strange process in your task manager or strange files in your C drive. Read More →


PUP.Software.Updater is a harmful computer virus which is distributed via bundling with other programs or downloads with on cost, PUP.Software.Updater is capable of switch your homepage and search engine so as to take control of your browsers and redirect you to unwanted websites. Commonly this kind of redirect sites are filled with a lot of malicious links, ads or even infections. With more and more malicious files in your system, you will encounter system crush down or freezing up. You will find that you can get nothin in your searching results, but the randoms ads or links from PUP.Software.Updater.


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What is EZDownloader?

EZDownloader is a legal application that can be adopted to convert folders from FLV TO MPEG, AVI and MP3. But recently a lot of security tools report that EZDownloader is a PUP(potentially unwanted program). But why antivirus experts conclude EZDownloader as an unsafe program and listed it in their data base of their protecting tool? That is because is capable of penetrating into target PC without users’ permission. Usually we call it bundling method. What’s more, EZDownloader has the ability to make a lot of hateful popping up ads and links victims to unwanted web sites. Therefore, despite EZDownloader can’t be listed as a virus, you should be attentive with it.

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Adware Generic5.CDUL Could be a Real Troublemaker

Adware Generic5.CDUL is a potentially unwanted program that can be found from a generic detection of the antivirus such as AVG, Avast and etc. If you receive alarm reporting this detection after your system scan, you should be aware of that your computer has been invaded by something with malicious signature like adware, spyware or trojan horse and others. Read More →


Anytime I open my browser I find it soon redirect to What happen to my computer?

What is is sorted as a malware which will trigger adwares and browser hijackers. Once infected, you will find annoying pop-ups displaying on your browser. You will be redirected to suspicious websites if you click on the pop-ups. Sometimes you will be redirected even if you do not click any of the ads or links. Generally, will change your browser default settings including search engine and homepage. It targets on browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, etc. It is dangerous because it provides some unrelated search results to promote additional viruses like Trojan and ransomware. Read More →