How to remove or quarantine win32/hadsruda!bit malware. Microsoft Security Essentials has been tried for quarantine or to remove and each time it says the action has succeeded but immediately later the warning reappears. So far there is no Malfunction but it is driving me bonkers.

Brief Introduction of Program:Win32/Hadsruda!bit

Program:Win32/Hadsruda!bit is detected as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) that usually invades your computer via deceptive methods without your knowledge. The display program or this PUP usually tries to look innocent to convince you to install them on your PC. Once installed, it will bring a series of troubles to your computer. Here are some examples: Read More →


How to get rid of < BrowswerModifies:Win32/smudplu > I am getting warning message via Windows Defender and it cleans it as well. But after a short time I again get this message. Please advise me how to get rid of this permanently.

Brief Introduction of BrowswerModifies:Win32/smudplu

BrowswerModifies:Win32/smudplu is severe cyber threat that has been detected as Potentially Unwanted Program. Please note that this PUP often comes bundled with other software. So you should be careful when you attempt to download and install software to your computer. Read More →


MSE has indicated that my computer was infected with BrowserModifier:Win32/KipodToolsCby.  I picked up this virus possibly through a download of a free FLV downloader. I tried deleting all software that was not familiar to me and what I thought was possibly the cause of the infection and ran McAfee, but this virus was still there. How do I remove it?

What is BrowserModifier:Win32/KipodToolsCby?

BrowserModifier:Win32/KipodToolsCby is a Potentially Unwanted Program which has ability to mess up your internet browsers and even cause other problems like these:

  • It can change browser homepage and search engine;
  • It can redirect your web page to other suspected or malicious websites;
  • It can add web toolbars and extensions to your internet browsers automatically;
  • It can install other unwanted programs to your computer without asking permission;
  • It can keep track of your browsing data and collect your IP or important login details.

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I downloaded something that now delivers a lot of advertisements that says “Ads by Rewinup Cinema ” How do I get rid of this? Thank you!

What is Rewinup Cinema?

Rewinup Cinema pretends to be a useful application that provides favorite movies and series. However, there will be no benefit from this software. It will cause various troubles instead.


Rewinup Cinema has been classified as a potentially unwanted program that infiltrates your computer via many freeware packages under different publishers like VIT, Robokid Technologies. So if you need to install software that you are not sure whether it will bundle with other software, you should use Advanced Setup to reject the potentially unwanted bundles. If you fail, you may encounter the following troubles. Read More →


Yesterday, a full scan has discovered PUP FXWebPlayer in my computer. I tried to remove it but it still on my computer. What should I do now?

What is FXWebPlayer?

FXWebPlayer is a free software developed by FX Interactive. It claims to improve users’ video experience by offering high-definition and fluent web videos. However, it is actually a potentially unwanted program with annoying and disturbing traits. It is usually comes bundled with other software and will bring a lot of troubles to your computer.

FXWebPlayer cannot satisfy you with better internet experience. Instead, it will generate unwanted third party ads to interrupt your online activities. You may see different kinds of pop-ups, banners, highlighted text links, or full page ads brought to you by FXWebPlayer. Read More →


When I start my chrome, I keep getting many annoying pop-up ads from Hi-Lighter. I try to remove it from my programs and run my antivirus but it still there? How do I get rid of this annoying adware from my computer completely? I need help!

What is Hi-Lighter?

Hi-Lighter is presented as an advanced text management that seamlessly integrates highlighting, search and sharing functions into your browser. It sounds like another revolutionary tool to enhance your internet browsing. However, once you find this tool in your computer, you will face with a series of problems.

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What is WhiteSmoke Toolbar?

WhiteSmoke Toolbar is usually a potentially unwanted program which can be downloaded both from its official site and alongside other programs as a bundled offer. You should pay close attention to the program or software you want to install to your computer in case they might have bundled with other unwanted programs. Commonly, you should not skip any installation steps. You should always keep an eye on the terms and agreements and choose advanced or custom installation for the program or software you want. You should also watch out the optional offers that will prompt out from the installation process and ask for your permission. If you always keep these in mind, you will avoid a lot of unwanted programs from accessing your PC.

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“Hello guys, so this new pup appeared on my computer the other day called yellowsend and I looked it up and it turns out to be a browser hijacker. So I followed the removal instructions and deleted all suspicious recently download programs but there weren’t any, so then I went to the extensions on all my browsers but then again there was no suspicious extensions or anything actually…”

What is Yellowsend?

Yellowsend usually comes bundled with freeware downloads. If you fail to read the Terms and Agreements of those software and forget to deselect the checked box, you will default to its installation. Therefore, Yellowsend is usually deemed as a potentially unwanted program. It is often alongside other unwanted programs. So once installed, it will trigger a lot of troubles to your computer.

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What is PUP.Optional.Spigot.A?

PUP.Optional.Spigot.A is a nettlesome potentially unwanted program that sneaks into on many computers stealthily through various channels such as freeware bundles, spam emails, or share files. But it is mainly distributed through bundling, so if you download software like free media players, PDF creators, and game apps, this PUP will slip in. Please read Terms and Agreements in the installation steps carefully. Make sure you deselect all checkmarks that indicate about unknown additional downloads in the Custom or Advanced installation mode.

This PUP will generate an adware called Spigot which can be added to your Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer. This adware will create tons of third party commercial ads labeled with “Ads by Spigot” or “Brought by Spigot”. It is disturbing if you click the ads because it will redirect your web to the suspected domain. What’s worse, clicking the ads may lead to junkware or malware. And then your PC will become slow and your privacy will be in danger. Read More →


BetterBrowse is promoted as a useful web browser which can enhance your online browsing experience. However, it is just a potentially unwanted program, called PUP for short, which can bring lots of trouble to your computer if it stays on your PC for a long time. This web browser can be downloaded from its official site. But, very often, it is distributed via bundled with other free downloads online as an optional component. So, if you do not pay enough attention when you download and install a freeware from the Internet, then your computer might end up with this potentially unwanted program. Technically speaking, a PUP may not be malicious itself, but there is no guarantee that other computer problems will not come with this PUP. So, for the sake of your computer security, it is highly recommended that you should not keep BetterBrowse on your PC.

A screenshot of BetterBrowse:


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