You find random pop-up ads or banners by SnowPrice across website that you visit? Want to get rid of them quickly and safely? Then you have come to the right place. The following post will offer you detailed removal instructions. Please keep reading.

What is SnowPrice?

SnowPrice is deemed as a potentially unwanted program that claims to improve your online experience. Added as a browser extension/add-on, it will show you great and comparative prices on the products that you are shopping for. All those contents appear as pop-up boxes with the byline “Brought by SnowPrice”, “Ads by SnowPrice” or “Powered by SnowPrice”. It is obvious that all those ads are obstacles for your internet browsing. You should also know that this PUP can redirect you to suspicious domains and collect your user name and password. You should be careful with this PUP. Read More →


Adobe_flash_setup.exe Description

Adobe_flash_setup.exe is an application related to web internet setup. It is signed by OOO KOD 7 and uses the InstallCore download manager to install additional potentially unwanted software which may include extensions such as DealPly and various toolbars.

This program is known as bundleware or downloadware which is designed to simply deliver ad-supported offers in the setup routine of legitimate software. Detected as a potentially unwanted program by 9 anti-malware scanners, adobe_flash_setup.exe can modify your homepage and utilize the cookies to trace your online activities. Please note that this program will stealthily inject in vulnerable computers bundled with other freeware and shareware downloads. You should reject any suspicious programs in their installations.

How to Remove Adobe_flash_setup.exe?

The following page will offer TWO available methods for you to remove this nasty program. If you have no idea how to deal with it, you can follow the guide below to have a try. Read More →


Information about Offers4U

Offers4U is a potentially unwanted program published to primarily distribute adware. It promises to enhance computer users’ browsing experience but only disturb them by enabling all kinds of discounts, price comparisons, good deals, and similar features.

Commonly, if you install this program, consciously or unconsciously, you will notice numerous ads displayed when you browse the web. Generally, once you click on the “Ads by Offers4U”, you will be redirected to one of the websites that Offers4U promotes. Sometimes, suspicious new tab will show up after you move your mouse over some highlighted words at the websites that you visit, which can be caused by the in-text ads from this PUP. Besides, this program can aggravate burden to your system and change your browser settings. You should treat this PUP with caution. Read More →


“My antivirus detect this PUP.Optional.APNToolbar.Gen, i don’t know how to define it, may be a malware. My PC runs abnormally, shuts down frequently. I need details of it”

If you also need help get rid of this infection, this post may help. Please keep reading to learn more.

What is PUP.Optional.APNToolbar.Gen?

PUP.Optional.APNToolbar.Gen is a nasty program that usually gets installed on PCs together with third-party application. So you may not notice this PUP in your PC until you run a scan for your system.

Once this PUP infiltrates your PC, it collapses the PC’s defensive system via using the exploits to drop large amounts of threats to your PC. Here are some details about what it will do to your PC.

  • It can modify browser homepage, start page, and search engine;
  • It can utilize the cookies to trace online activities from the victims;
  • It can keep redirecting browser to the unwanted websites;
  • It can excessively display all kinds of banners, pop-ups, in-texts, etc.
  • It can lead to the installations of suspicious plugins, extensions, and even malicious programs;
  • It can expose the victims’ privacy and steal their confidential information;
  • It can degrade performance and cause the infected system crashes.

Read More →


Created by SuperWeb LLC, Common Dots is promoted as a useful tool that can give computer users comparison shopping, and coupons. However, in fact, it is taken for a PUP (potentially unwanted program). Once it lands on your computer, you may find tons of ads in forms of pop-ups, banner, in-text, and videos flashing in all your browsers.

Typically, Common Dots is the acquaintance of Widows systems. It is able to land easily on Window 7, Window 8, and Window XP without asking for your permission. Moreover, it also affords to slip into all the common browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, and so on.

What you need to focus on is that it is characteristic of bundling with additional unexpected threats like virus, adware, spyware, and other unwanted programs. It also means that its existence can cause your PC more uncertain infections. In addition, it is capable of redirecting you to various commercial websites, or even bogus websites. Read More →


With the development of Internet, more and more cyber criminals are engaged in illegal online activities. They create a number of malware in computer for money. Therefore, many normal file stored in computer are changed into vicious threats. Jewel-quest-3.exe is a potentially unwanted program found by me recently. In order to deal with it easily, I write the post to help you get rid of it completely.

Details of Jewel-quest-3.exe

Jewel-quest-3.exe has the traits of PUP (potentially unwanted program). Like other PUP, it is able to be appropriate for the frequently-used Internet operating systems, such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, meanwhile, exist in most common browsers, for example Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.

The most annoying thing caused by it is representing tons of ads in all your browsers. Moreover, in order to trick more computer users and get more profits, the infection also afford to extend for you browsers installed in your PC. Commonly, it becomes a usual thing that you are always compelled to some unwanted websites related to it. What’s worse, it also can bundle with a series of additional and unexpected threats.

In accordance with its description above, we should pay more attention to details of experiencing activities online. Read More →


Nowadays, most of people can get profit from Internet. Just because of the big interests, hacker has tried their best to generate more and more adware, virus, and other potentially unwanted programs in computer. Anyway, you can find many strange file names in your computer nowadays. Cassiopesaupdate.exe is the popular computer infection recently. In view of users’ hopeless facing it, I would like to share the solutions to get rid of it from computer completely with you.

Learn More Information of Cassiopesaupdate.exe

Cassiopesaupdate.exe is a filename extension of Cassiopesaupdate that is not a harmful application in itself. However, during the process of downloading Cassiopesaupdate, some cyber criminals or companied make use of vulnerabilities of Cassiopesaupdate.exe as well as insert some malicious threats to it. Consequently, Cassiopesaupdate.exe becomes a PUP (potentially unwanted program).

Listed as a potentially unwanted program, Cassiopesaupdate.exe can make you a round of inconveniences and troubles. Hence, you had better to remove it from your computer using a powerful anti-malware program. From then on, you do no need to face these problems. Read More →


A comprehensive understanding of Xfrpftslb5x.exe

Xfrpftslb5x.exe belongs to a kind of filename extension in Windows seemingly. It is notable that the infection is supposed to be a potentially unwanted program that is usually comprised of virus, adware, spyware and so on. Recently, I cannot tell you exactly it is a virus, or adware, or others. But it doesn’t matter, I collect most its overall features and harms.

The common features

  • Available in all kinds of Windows like Windows 7 & 8, Window XP, etc.
  • Coexist with all your browsers such as Google, IE, and Yahoo, and so on.
  • Land on your computer furtively and unknowingly.

Additionally, it is able to display your tremendous advertisements as well as impact on your entertainment and work online. In order to show you more ads, it will extend for all your browsers and compel you to its domain or websites cooperate with it.. That is why there are so many different kinds of ads in your browsers every time you have activities on line. Read More →


Nielsen/NetRatings & NetSight get attached to your browser as extension/add-on/plug-in? They have affected your computer in various aspects? You must feel strange about how these programs capture your system. Here are some details about these programs. You can also get rid of them through the given easy-to-follow way.

What is Nielsen/NetRatings & NetSight?

Nielsen/NetRatings & NetSight can be added on many common-used browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. They are promoted as useful tools to help make the internet a better place. However, they always come alongside third party software or spam email attachments. Besides, they are distributed through infected media like USB devices or sharing files over P2P network. Their distributions in illegal way make them potentially unwanted programs. Working as a browser extensions, Nielsen/NetRatings & NetSight display unwanted advertisements without users’ permission.

Nielsen screenshot Read More →


Description on Swift Media Converter

Swift Media Converter is a seemingly common tool that claims to help download and convert all kinds of auto files like MP3, WMA, AMR, OGG, etc. Is it useful and enjoyable? No. this program is totally nasty and unwanted since there are many other unwanted programs packed in this software. This potentially unwanted program can be nasty because it usually sneaks into users’ computers without their knowledge and consent. It targets on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Please keep in mind that this program will bundle to other freeware, shareware, online games, manager, etc.

Swift Media Converter displays can mess up your internet browsing and disturb your online activities. Once infected with this kind of unwanted program, you will see tons of annoying pop-up ads springing on the website that you visit. Please remember not to trust the program that may delivery you all kinds of ads. If you install the program downloaded from the “Ads by Swift Media Converter”, you will find many strange icons on your desktop. It is true that Swift Media Converter can slow down computer and expose you to a number of dangerous threats (rogue software, browser hijacker, worm, backdoor, and even Trojan). Read More →