You see a lot of ads popping up from MyGamesUniverse on the website that you visit? Cannot remove the ads completely since them will come back to your web browser very soon? Feel annoyed with this program and the ads by it? If you need effective solutions for this issue, please read the following passage carefully.

What is MyGamesUniverse?

MyGamesUniverse is a potentially unwanted program that works as a browser extension/BHO on many web browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. This program claims to offer its users fast, safe and easy flash games. Even though it seems legitimate, you may not enjoy what it promises. Instead, you will find the webpage that you visit is covered by various commercial ads labeled with “Ads by MyGamesUniverse” or “Brought to you by Ads by MyGamesUniverse”. And then your online habits will be strongly interfered. On the other hand, if you click the ads, you may be redirected to the suspected domain containing many other junkware or malware. If so, your browser settings may easily get changed and your personal information will be at risk. Read More →


Unwanted ads display when you search up something on Google? Don’t know how it comes to your browser? Try to remove it but it keeps re-appearing when you restart the browser? If you need effective way to fix this problem, please try the methods offered in the following page.

About Boostwebapp

Boostwebapp is a browser extension that claims to help its users enhance web browsing. It sounds wonderful. However, this program is rejected and despised by many users because it never keeps its promise. It just distributes various pop-up ads with an intention of gaining profit over the Internet. Your browsing will inevitably be interrupted by the pop-ups or underlined keywords titled with “Ads by Boostwebapp”, “Brought by Boostwebapp” or “Powered by Boostwebapp”. Therefore, this program is deemed as a potentially unwanted program. Read More →


Halt-It keeps appearing on your computer? Is it as good as what it claims? You must feel strange how this program capture your system. Here are some details about this program. You can also get rid of this program through the given easy-to-follow way.

What is Halt-It?

Halt-It is a potentially unwanted program which can be added on many common-used browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. It is promoted as an online safety belt that helps users prevent their child from encountering unwanted adult content websites. However, working as a browser extension, Halt-It displays unwanted advertisements 1)     titled with “Ads by Halt-It”, “By Halt-It”, or “Powered by Halt-It” without users’ permission. Those ads are often appearing as discount coupons, deals, online savings and many others. Besides, this adware can also generate in-text style advertisements where individual words are highlighted and hyper-linked to an advertisement or option menu (dropdown).

Halt-It adware Read More →


Description on WordFly

WordFly is deemed as potentially unwanted program which claims to enhance users’ online browsing experience. However, please don’t trust what it says because it is only designed for marketing purpose. It may offer you tools like Compare, Deals, Inline, Related, Review and Search, which may work behind your eyes.

As a browser extension/add-on, WordFly is often found in different browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It can install itself on your computer without your knowledge because it is often bundled with a free software package as an additional component. If you have got this program on your browser, your internet browsing may be interrupted by the cross-browser advertisements claiming from WordFly. Read More →


What is System-Checker?

System-Checker is potentially unwanted program advertised as a useful tool to make supervisory control on your computer. Commonly, this program may display a tray icon oh the bottom right corner of your desktop. This tray icon offers detailed system information like CPU and memory utilization. It seems like a good tool to know the hidden information in your PC. However, pretending to be a utility from Microsoft, it can install extra programs to your system without your approval. You must know that System-Checker often comes into your computer without your consent since it is installed by free programs downloaded from the third party. Once this program gets down working on your computer, your kernel system will be modified. You must realize that System-Checker is just another variant of the rogue programs that come from a large group of malicious applications. You should select advanced or custom installation for the programs you want. Don’t forget to deselect the checkmarks that may allow other unwanted programs like System-Checker to your PC. Read More →


What is RinoReader?

RinoReader is detected as a potentially unwanted program due to the various advertisements it injects in the web pages the users visit. Although it is advertised as a useful tool that has the same functionality as the Adobe Reader, you will soon find it only causes troubles. As a suspicious browser extension, it will be installed on your computer without your knowledge. RinoReader supports a lot of commercial popularizing like discount coupons, deals, and online savings, which will be embedded on famous shopping websites. Many troubles are triggered by this program while you are surfing the internet. The most typical cases are unwanted ads popping up, webpages redirecting to the sponsored commercial websites, boxes with strange links displaying, etc. They all hang with tags like “RinoReader Ads”, “Ads by RinoReader” or “Brought by RinoReader”. Read More →


About Crazy Score

Crazy Score is a potentially unwanted program supported by SuperWeb LLC. This program claims to enhance users’ internet browsing experience by enabling features like coupons or either comparison shopping. Actually, it stealthily installs itself on different browsers without users’ knowledge and permission via a deceptive marketing method called ‘bundling’. As a suspicious browser extension on many browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome), Crazy Score can generate intrusive online advertisements straightaway.

Problems Caused by Crazy Score

Once you launch your browser, banners, pop-ups, coupons, search, interstitial, transitional, and full-page ads claiming from Crazy Score will pop up on the website that you visit. If you click on them, you may expose your computer to other adware or malware infections. Here are other harmful activities performed by this nasty program. Read More →


Number Ascend description

Number Ascend belongs to the group of potential unwanted programs (also called PUPs) with the traits of an adware. It claims to enhance users’ browsing experience, but it brings troubles instead. Mainly, this program comes to your PC through free downloads. You also may download it yourself thinking it a useful tool. After it got to your PC, it’ll deliver you tons of ads. If you click one of them, you may be led to some malicious pages and expose your system vulnerabilities to adware or malware. You’re not recommended to take it. Read More →


Win32/Adware.Multiplug.JJ is detected on your computer? Have no idea how and when it comes? Try to get rid of it but what you do cannot help? Please look through this post and learn how to remove it.

Information about Win32/Adware.Multiplug.JJ

Win32/Adware.Multiplug.JJ is deemed as a potentially unwanted program that can break into your PC without asking your permission. It is often distributed through malicious websites or legitimate website that has been hacked of just via installing spam email attachments. It is difficult to remove this program due to its ability to bypass detection and removal from some active security tool.

  • Download and install other malware;
  • Record your keystrokes and the collect important information and data stored in PC;
  • Modify registry and browser settings.
  • Offer access to remote hacker;
  • Slowdown PC performance.

Read More →


“This program, CROSSBROWSE, has lodged itself on my computer and I can’t get rid of it. It is interfering with my use of my computer. Any ideas on how to get rid of it? Uninstall does not work with it.”

Detail information about Crossbrowse

Crossbrowse falls into the group of potential unwanted programs (also called PUPs) with the traits of an adware. It claims to offer the functionality of a regular Internet browser, but it brings troubles instead. Usually, this program comes to your PC bundled with freeware or shareware. You also may get it yourself think it a useful tool. After it got to your PC, it’ll deliver you tons of ads to generate pay-per-click revenue. And the ads can lead you to some harmful websites which may bring viruses or malware. When you find this program annoying and try to uninstall it yourself, you may not be able to remove it. Read More →