GreatSave4u is a PUP(potentially unwanted program) which can listed as an ad-supported program. It firstly attacks PCs compatible with Windows operating system and add itself to browsers like IE, Google, Firefox without users’ approval. All GreatSave4u do is to show ads to target computers and it will end up creating a lot of computer or privacy issues to victims.As soon as GreatSave4u getting inside, it will track what users have done on their PCs and show ads to them accordingly. Usually ads by GreatSave4u are showed in forms of pop-up, pop-under, in-text, or interstitial forms and they are marked ‘brought by GreatSave4u’

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What is EZDownloader?

EZDownloader is a legal application that can be adopted to convert folders from FLV TO MPEG, AVI and MP3. But recently a lot of security tools report that EZDownloader is a PUP(potentially unwanted program). But why antivirus experts conclude EZDownloader as an unsafe program and listed it in their data base of their protecting tool? That is because is capable of penetrating into target PC without users’ permission. Usually we call it bundling method. What’s more, EZDownloader has the ability to make a lot of hateful popping up ads and links victims to unwanted web sites. Therefore, despite EZDownloader can’t be listed as a virus, you should be attentive with it.

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