Whenever I start the Chrome browser, it opens to esurf.biz instead of google.com which is set as my homepage. Once I go to another site, the homepage button does bring up google. The browser was also popping up false virus warnings…

What is Esurf.biz?

Esurf.biz is a browser redirect that can compromise different kinds of browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. It often comes bundled with freeware or shareware uploaded by the third party. Those software are usually packaged with additional contents. You should be cautious when you install suspected software to your computer. Besides, clicking suspicious links or random ads on hacked websites may also cause infections that cause browser redirect. You should be very cautious when surfing the internet. Read More →


What is En.scrappe.net?

En.scrappe.net is a redirect infection that often comes with freeware or shareware from the internet. Clicking suspicious links and open hacked webs may also cause infection. You should be very cautious when surfing the internet. Anyway, for this redirect infection, what you should do is remove it immediately.

En.scrappe.net is compatible with browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Once infiltrated, it will bring great troubles to your computer. It can change your browser settings and replace your default search provider. It can also associate with an ad-supported extension which may display numerous pop-ups at your screen to interrupt your online activities. Those annoying pop-ups are mainly containing annoying warnings, advertisements banners, and corrupted links. You will never be happy to browse the web with these pesky contents. Read More →


Hi, since yesterday, my MalwareBytes kept getting a pop up with the message: “malicious website blocked” domain: camelcap.com outgoing was blocked. MalwareBytes cannot help me remove it. What should I do now?

What is Camelcap.com?

Camelcap.com is a malicious site that has been regarded as redirect infection. If you keep getting this annoying (fake security alert) popup, your computer might be encountering malware attacks. This problem usually appears after you download unwanted or even infected software or visit corrupt/compromised websites. Once injected, this annoying popup will bring you a lot of troubles. Here are some examples. Read More →


“I believe I am infected with the disorder.ru/order.php virus after I plug in a pen drive. After I remove the pen drive, a message from Avast keeps popping up! Can someone please help me? Thank you for your time.”

So, you need help get rid of this virus? Please read the post below to find useful removal methods for the infection disorder.ru/order.php.

What is Infection Disorder.ru/order.php?

For the one who has installed avast, disorder.ru/order.php often appears when the Web Shield in avast! Antivirus has blocked a harmful site before your computer completely loads it in your browser. The alert appears as:

URL: http://disorderstatus.ru/order.php
Infection: URL:Mal
Process: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\msiexec.exe Read More →


About 1-888-991-9974

1-888-991-9974 is just an online phone scam that often appears on a fake BSOD pop-up. This BSOD pop-up claims that a problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer. It seems real but you should know that Windows will not show you a blue screen of death through pop-up on the website. It is ridiculous.


This pop-up is very hard to turn off because it has modified your browser settings when it gets in your computer. One of the modifications to your web browser is the homepage. So if you get this pop-up on your browser, you will be redirected from time to time when you launch your browser. Besides, once injected, this pop-up will bring in other malware and compromise your privacy and financial details. Read More →


Mycomputererrorcheckup.com pops up on your web browser?
It says your PC is at risk?
This pop-up is labeled with McAfee?

If you constantly get this kind of pop-up, please note that it is a potentially active malware (browser redirect). You should remove it from your computer. This post is created to give some advice for this kind of issue. Welcome to read it.

Mycomputererrorcheckup.com Description

Mycomputererrorcheckup.com is a fake virus warning alert. McAfee won’t tell you this alert from pop-up in the website. It is actually a browser redirect virus that redirects your infected web browser to its domain. It targets on many internet browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer). Once you see it, you should take actions to deal with it.

Here is a screenshot of this fake virus warning.

mycomputererrorcheckup.com popup

You should not trust this nasty pop-up that only spreads scams. It is the biggest problems because it can modify your browser settings, trigger numerous dangerous issues, add harmful files to major part of the system, and even cause your identity theft and information leakage. Read More →


Security.comtrx.com is a nasty browser redirect

Security.comtrx.com is deemed as a vicious browser redirect created by cyber criminals to promote their paid-support services through creating virus scam. This popup may hold something bad, so you should surf with caution. It has SSLv3 support enabled and may be vulnerable to data leakage. If you visit this site, your computer may be compromised.

The popup usually scare computer users with the messages below.

“…Your system may lack of an Antivirus or Antimalware update putting your personal information (including photos, passwords, credit card details, etc.) at risk….Please contact Certified Live Technicians now xxxx”

Security.comtrx.com is either caused by an ad-supported extension on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome, or triggered by the random codes or other hidden in the corrupt links and websites. You should mind this adware because it can perform many harmful activities to your computer. For example:

  • It can keep running to consume your PC resources.
  • It can modify your homepage URL.
  • It can seriously interrupt your online activities.
  • It can offer access to remote attackers to compromise your computer.
  • It can collect your IP address, passwords, and bank account details.

Read More →


About Yousoftver.com

Yousoftver.com is a fake update notification for web browser. This kind of Please Update Browser website usually spread scams to trick users to install the nonexistent browser update.  Commonly, this popup may attract your attention by offering great function of the update. Is this website a warn reminder for your outdated web browser? – Of course not. This popup is just a trick website that distributes scams. You should not accept its recommendation. Once you install what it provides, you will get nothing about browser updated but unknown programs that may cause PC problems. Those unwanted program can take up your CUP and even create a lot of icons or shortcuts at your desktop.

Here is screenshot of this browser redirect.

yousoftver.com screenshot Read More →


You get Www.flashresultats.fr pop-up in your Google Chrome? It dominates your browser and keeps popping up when you launch your browser? Tired of being redirected from time to time? Here is a post offering step by step removal instruction. Please keep reading.

Information about Www.flashresultats.fr

Www.flashresultats.fr is a redirect virus which may change and corrupt your default settings on browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Once infected, whenever you launch your browsers, you will be redirected to this suspicious domain. That is because it has replaced your homepage and modified the URL in the background.

Www.flashresultats.fr screenshot

Www.flashresultats.fr is designed specifically to make money. It delivers a pop-up related to the football games and offers different goal bets. Generally, it will also display advertisements and sponsored links within your web browser. Other suspicious extensions triggered by this redirect virus could be malicious, too. If you get cheated by this pop-up, you may face with financial losses. Besides, this pop-up can be an approach through which other malware can get into your PC. Therefore, you are highly recommended to remove Www.flashresultats.fr from your computer as quick as you can in case of further damages. Read More →


Wdiarat-cvatlle.info popup was found on your IE/FF/Chrome? It redirects you to a flash player update domain? You have tried hard to remove it but all with failure? This post will tell you how to remove Wdiarat-cvatlle.info. Please read the following page and learn more.

What is Wdiarat-cvatlle.info?

Wdiarat-cvatlle.info can be listed as a suspected browser redirect infection due to its malicious features. It is caused by advanced cookies and malicious codes, and it can also break into vulnerable computers bundled with other freeware and shareware. This program targets on all brands of browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. This popup can interrupt your online activities by displaying fake notifications of updating your Java/Video/Flash Player. Read More →