What is WhiteSmoke Toolbar?

WhiteSmoke Toolbar is usually a potentially unwanted program which can be downloaded both from its official site and alongside other programs as a bundled offer. You should pay close attention to the program or software you want to install to your computer in case they might have bundled with other unwanted programs. Commonly, you should not skip any installation steps. You should always keep an eye on the terms and agreements and choose advanced or custom installation for the program or software you want. You should also watch out the optional offers that will prompt out from the installation process and ask for your permission. If you always keep these in mind, you will avoid a lot of unwanted programs from accessing your PC.

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You suddenly find a Browser Companion Helper toolbar on your web browser? Try a few ways to remove it with no luck? Please try the removal methods below. You will eventually get rid of it completely.

What is Browser Companion Helper?

Browser Companion Helper is released by company Blabbers Communications LTD. It can be a toolbar, an adware, a PUP, or even a browser hijacker. There will be a lot of undesirable behaviors conducted by this program. Please note that it will enter your computer after you download or install something. It can slip in your computer via other suspected or malicious websites, too. Read More →


What is SwagBucks.toolbar?

SwagBucks.toolbar is a  kind of browser plugin, extension, add-on or Browser Helper Object which is able to replay or hijack your default homepage to Swagbucks.com. The Swagbucks Toolbar is developed to grant users easy access to parts of the its website. So it is considered as a potentially unwanted program.It is not a malicious program, but it used to promote the SwagBucks services, advertisements. You should never keep it in your computer. Once detected, remove it as soon as possible.

As a kind of PUP, SwagBucks.toolbar can get into the computer without asking any permission. Once installed, it may modify your home page and search engine to Swagbucks.com. And when you search with its search engine, it also displays advertisements, sponsored links and coupons in the results. Moreover, It may collect precious information from your surfing behaviors. You computer may be put into dangerous situation.

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I would greatly appreciate some help with this. I have spent days trying to get rid of the elite unzip toolbar from my computer.

What is Elite Unzip ?

Elite Unzip, Elite Unzip Toolbar, EliteUnzip Toolbar are the products created by MindSpark Interactive Networks LLC. Elite Unzip is a free programs that claims to “Compress and decompress multiple file types easily – all from one FREE & convenient spot!” However, multiple anti-virus scanners have detected possible malware in Elite Unzip. Elite Unzip toolbar can be downloaded from its official website. But in most the cases, it get installed on your computer through downloading freeware or shareware, fake anti-spyware program for the PC and etc.  Read More →


It will be Annoying to Stay with MySavings Toolbar

MySavings Toolbar presents itself as a useful tool on browsers, while actually it can take control of users’ browsers relentlessly. This browser extension, promoting Conduit search hijacker, can lurk around the system and manipulate your browser. You may get this unwanted thing from certain plug-in or bundled software.

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What do you know about GameTrekkers Toolbar

GameTrekkers Toolbar is potentially unwanted that once installed on your computer, it will change the browser’s homepage and search provider settings as well as display advertisements. It claims that with GameTrekkers, you can play with your friends or online with thousands of players! Beat the competition in dozens of games! However, GameTrekkers is not so beneficial as it claims. Read More →


What is ReferenceBoss ?

ReferenceBoss is a unwanted toolbar which is powered by Ask.com. ReferenceBoss toolbar can be downloaded from its official website. But in most the cases, it get installed on your computer through downloading freeware or shareware,  fake anti-spyware program for the PC and etc. If you failed to pay attention to the installation process, you will get ReferenceBoss toolbar installed on your computer automatically.  Read More →


Is your computer infected with PuzzleGamesDaily? How to Remove PuzzleGamesDaily completely from your computer? In this post, you can get the step-by-step removal guide to get rid of PuzzleGamesDaily Toolbar.

What do you know about Puzzle Games Daily?

PuzzleGamesDaily is an potentially unwanted browser extension which claims to provider number puzzle games for free. At first, this browser extension will keep popping up on your browser to convince you to install it application to play games for free.  Read More →


What do you know about Jokefanatic Toolbar

Jokefanatic Toolbar is potentially unwanted. At first, this toolbar id promoted by a browser extension http://www.jokefanatic.com/index.jhtml. This extension will always pop up on your browser to convince you to download its application. It states that with this application, you can watch hysterical stand-up routines on Comedy Central; You can get the perfect the art of a short joke, a clean joke and “yo mama” jokes, and many features. JokeFanatic states that it provides these features and web search on your Chrome New Tab. Read More →