Recently, there are many computer users complaining a browser hijacker called Onclickads. These popups appear each time they launch the browser and then redirect their websites without stopping. Actually, onclickads popups are caused by adware program. So, if you want to stop the popups, you need to remove the adware at first.

What is Onclickads?


Onclickads is an advertising platform which is aimed to promote advertisements and create better traffic for its partners. It often appears as a pop-up window to deliver advertisements which may drive visitor’s traffic to third party websites or even malicious websites. You should be on the alert that once you are led to the malicious websites, your computer may get infected with malware. Here is an issue from a user about the infection of Onclickads:

“When I click on any browser link (in Chrome or Firefox) a new tab opens to an onclickads page that then redirects to an unwanted ad page. My security tool did not warn me when it downloaded and a scan does not find any problems, two free malware programs I downloaded did not work and none of the suggested manual processes suggested at various sites work either.”

Apart from the problem mentioned on the case, Onclickads can also collect your privacy information such as your search queries, IP address, email address and even the important financial information. After the collection, all the data will be sent to the cyber criminals. In such case, cyber criminals may steal your money from you online bank account by using the collected data.

Where does Onclickads get into your PC?

custom installationOnclickads popups did not appear out of sudden. Actually, there are lots of ways to spread these annoying popups. For example, it can be caused by adware or PUP. Once you see Onclickads redirecting your browser, there may be adware or PUP installing on your computer. Usually, the adware causing Onclickads popups are bundled to some freeware or shareware in the third party websites. If you download software or programs from the unreliable sites and install them using default installation, the adware causing Onclickads popups will automatically install on your computer. Besides, Onclickads popup virus can be distributed through spammed emails and hijacked websites. Therefore, if you download and run files on the mails form unfamiliar people or browsing strange websites, you will get Onclickads popups.

Commonly, installing ad-blocking software can sometime help prevent the pop-ups. However, the Onclickads popups may not be blocked so easily. The proper way to deal with Onclickads is to eliminate any junkware from the compromised PC. Here are some simple instructions:

Step 1 Stop the associated processes of Onclickads
Step 2 Remove Onclickads from Control Panel
Step 3 Repair modified hosts files
Step 4 Delete Onclickads from browser
Step 5 Clean invalid registry entries and leftovers using RegCure Pro

If you need more details about the removal, you are recommended to visit


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