It has been few days I had this best coupon ads on almost every website. I can’t get rid of them. Microsoft safety scanner, spybot-search & destroy, malwarebyte and ccleaner didn’t work… It is on Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer… Just need to know anyone has any solutions for this?

Best Coupon is bad for your online activities. Why?

Best Coupon is promoted as a time-saving add-on which helps computer users save time and money by offering best deals, coupons, or online savings. However, they often end up with a bunch of advertisements showing as “Best Coupon Ads”, “Ads by Best Coupon”, “Powered by Best Coupon”, and “Brought by Best Coupon”. They can interrupt your browsing and even all the online activity. Read More →


Every time I turn on my PC MSE sends the notification “Detected threat has been removed” and when I check the history it is labeled as PWS:MSIL/Mintluks.A . I’ve tried running full scans with MSE and Microsoft security scanner but no luck, this virus is detected every time I turn on my PC. It would be really appreciated if someone could tell me how to get rid of this a.s.a.p, as I do a lot of online banking on my PC

Information about PWS:MSIL/Mintluks.A

PWS:MSIL/Mintluks.A is a harmful Trojan which can infiltrate into your PC without your knowledge because you are not aware of the things you do may trigger this trojan. It usually arrives as an attachment to a spam email, a bundle to an infected software, or a patch of codes of some corrupt websites. If you get something from suspected/spam emails, software, or websites, you may get PWS:MSIL/Mintluks.A as well. Read More →


HackTool:Win32/Kapahyku.A Brief Introduction

HackTool:Win32/Kapahyku.A is classified as a Trojan horse which can be used to patch or “crack” some software. It usually arrives as an attachment to a spam email or as a patch of codes of some corrupt software. Once inside, it will silently run within the system’s background to load up hacked programs. Besides, this Trojan often comes alongside many other computer threats. Any of these threats can make damages on the infected computer. Here are some potential damage caused by HackTool:Win32/Kapahyku.A and the associated threats: Read More →


My AVG found a virus or malware called: “​eID_pe_iscorrupted” after full scan. I deleted it with AVG but soon I found it was still at large. How to I remove it permanently?

What is EID_pe_iscorrupted?

EID_pe_iscorrupted is a corrupted Temp file that usually associates with serious adware problem. It is detected as a malware that will cause some errors in your computer and damage your system. Please download SpyHunter Anti-Malware to eliminate EID_pe_iscorrupted and fix problem caused by EID_pe_iscorrupted.

Commonly, EID_pe_iscorrupted comes via spam emails, infected software, torrent files, or corrupt websites. Therefore, you’d better be careful with emails with suspected attachments, software that you attempt to download from unreliable third party websites, and share files received and downloaded from unknown resource. You should also be careful if you are redirected to suspected websites that contains random popups and links. Read More →


Windows Defender detect (BrowserModifier:Win32/Shopperz ) again and again. What should I do?

What is BrowserModifier:Win32/Shopperz?

BrowserModifier:Win32/Shopperz is a browser modifier that usually appears alongside a potentially unwanted program/adware Shopperz. Some antivirus also detected this infection as a Trojan horse. It has ability to cause a serious of problems but mainly work on your browsers. Please see the details:

  • It can install add-ons or extensions to your Internet browsers without asking you or confirming that you want to install them.
  • It can divert hacked web search results without a victimized computer user’s authorization to doubtful websites.
  • It can also download suspected Toolbars and install them without the PC user knowing about this.
  • It can make system modifications by downloading infected files and registry subkeys.
  • It can change the Internet Explorer default search engine and default start page to websites that you are not familiar with.
  • It can display random pop-up ads, banners, or underlined keywords related to Shopperz to interrupt your browsing.
  • It can record your browsing activity and collect your private and confidential browsing data (important numbers like passwords).

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Know about Email-Worm.Win32.Runouce.b

Email-Worm.Win32.Runouce.b is a malicious PC threat which can seriously damage an infected computer. It is categorized as a mass-mailing worm that propagates via spammed e-mails. Besides, it will send copies of itself, as attachments, to e-mail addresses harvested from the infected PC. Once infected, your PC would run extremely slowly and weirdly. It also adds itself to your system and modifies your core settings. Thus it can freely control your PC. You should think of ways to stop it for it will cause other problems like these:

  • It can record your keyboard input and then cause severe information leaks and web identity theft.
  • It can add unknown programs to your PC, consuming too much your system resources.
  • It can bring other computer threats (Trojan and spyware) which may decrease PC performance.
  • It can slow down your operation system and make it vulnerable to other malware attacks.
  • It can disable firewalls and antivirus software installed on your computer.
  • It can also cause problems like poor running speed, windows freeze, Internet disconnection, system crashes.

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Hi, my wife’s computer got infected another time; I am trying to sort things out. I found traces of Price Fountain…As to circumstances my wife realized her computer is infected – she couldn’t run any browser other than IE. She got Chrome installed but she couldn’t run it properly, so she decided to install Firefox but installation always failed. After I heard that I started looking around her computer and run all the programs form the link above…

If you encounter issues like the mentioned above, you can follow the guide below to resolve it.

What is Price Fountain?

Price Fountain is an adware which will break into your computer without your awareness and consent, because it is typically bundled with other third party software as an additional bundle. You will probably download it when using default installation to install software to your computer. To avoid this adware, you should always opt for Custom or Advanced Option to uncheck any boxes that requires additional tools or programs. Read More →


How do I permanently get rid of GetPrivate ads? I’m sick of this adware. I’ve had it for a couple months, and whenever I try to get rid of it, it comes back a couple of days later. I just need an effective way to remove it so I never have to deal with it again. It’s very annoying.

What is GetPrivate?

GetPrivate is a free application which claims to help you enhance your browsing experience. However, it is found to be an unwanted adware that displays unstoppable ads on your browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.

ads by & pop-up Read More →


What is Buy2Suave?

Buy2Suave is classed as adware or potentially unwanted program (PUP) that claims to save your time and money when shopping online. However, it will inject your internet browsers with different kinds of wired things like coupons, deals, savings, fake video update, fake prize banners, and other bogus products or services promotions. Buy2Suave is designed to generate web traffics and pay-per-click revenues. Please don’t click on them in case they redirect you to other websites that main contain malware or force you to download junkware. Read More →


How can I recover encrypted files Windows 7 presumably caused by a virus? All my files have a .EnCiPhErEd extention….

What is EnCiPhErEd Extension?

EnCiPhErEd Extension is often associated with the ransomware (cryptovirus) that encodes data (photos, documents, music, videos, and other important personal and system files) in infected computer. It is often distributed via spam email attachments, intrusive links, suspicious websites, or other infected software. Once infected, you will be forced to pay the ransom through certain online payment methods in order to grant access to your files. Here is a text file with the following content deposited in every folder. Read More →