I downloaded a copy of Audacity audio processing program. It appears that I have also downloaded unwanted Adware.

Whenever I run IE I get a warning from Kaspersky.

I choose the “delete” option for each of the three files, but the warning returns next time I start IE. How do I clean out the Adware altogether?

What is Adware.JS.Znooser?

Adware.JS.Znooser is an adware infection that will sneaks into your computer without your knowledge and permission via infected software, spam emails, torrent files, or corrupt websites. This adware has ability to affect Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and Windows Vista. Once inside, it will generate a variety of deceptive and nasty advertisements to your computer.

Some antivirus programs also recognize it as a Trojan infection that may bring more damages to your system and lead to a serious of troubles. Here are some examples.

  • It can change your browser settings and mess up your browsing activity;
  • It can trigger random popups and redirects to your web browsers;
  • It can modify or even delete your system files;
  • It can download malicious files or codes to your computer;
  • It can exploit loopholes and open backdoor for other malware infection;
  • It can take up memory space and system resources;
  • It can record your browsing history and steal your important login details;
  • It can download more threats to your computer and slow your computer.

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