What is Search.mysafenewpagessearch.com?

Search.mysafenewpagessearch.com is a browser hijacker or adware that features in numerous pop-up ads displayed on computer users web browsers, whether it is Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox, etc. If you are in the trap of Search.mysafenewpagessearch.com, you may feel frustrated for each time when you try to open a new tab for your favorite page, you will be redirected to Search.mysafenewpagessearch.com related site. What’s worse, advertisements related to this adware pop up constantly, so that an accidental click upon those ads can lead to programs download, while you never want to download or install those programs.
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Qone8.com Description

Seemingly a legitimate search website, qone8.com offers its users with web, images, videos, and news buttons on the top left window, just as google does. This website, usually as a home page, is compatible with many browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. However, from the screenshot, you can see the difference. It has an unknown search engine and shows a lot of ads on the search results. It is not as good as other favorite search providers.

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Your web browser is always redirected to suspicious domains? They warn you that you may have spyware or adware that cause important information leakage? All of them ask you to call 1-844-798-8878 for help? This post offers you effective solutions on removing 1-844-798-8878 Pop-up Scam. Please keep reading.

What is 1-844-798-8878?

1-844-798-8878 often appears on the virus warning alert websites which have the ability to affect different kinds of web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. All those suspicious websites are recognized as browser hijackers. This phone call is phony and often used to make paid service and extort innocent users’ money. Once you are urged to call this number, you should ignore it.

Here is a screenshot of 1-844-798-8878 pop-up scam:

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Your IE (Firefox or Google) is stopped in boxington.org? Don’t know whether it is safe or not to call the helpline at 1-844-335-0525? This post will tell you more about this website and offer best methods to deal with it.

About Boxington.org

Boxington.org affects almost all the browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. It can scare you into calling the number and ask you to offer them access to check your computer for potential issues. Please don’t be cheated. This pop-up is actually a browser hijacker caused by suspicious programs in your computer.

Here is a screenshot of boxington.org pop-up.

boxington.org popup

Boxington.org often hijacks the infected browsers to its malicious domain. You will get stuck in this domain and cannot get out of it unless you end your IE (Firefox or Google) processes on the task manager. Once infected with this dubious website, whenever you open your browser, you will get to this fake windows firewall warning website. As is seen, your default homepage has already been replaced by random URL. Another thing that you should know is the malware in your computer will lead to privacy security risks and generate a bunch of PC vulnerabilities. You should get rid of this pop-up alert as soon as possible. Read More →


Your browser keeps forwarding to dllsoftper.com? Find it nasty because it is unstoppable? Please look at this post and learn how to remove this suspected website.

Description on Dllsoftper.com

Dllsoftper.com is a free download website that mainly promotes various player such as video player, media player, or flash player. It often recommends users Install or Download the software by offering wonderful features. Actually, what you get from the buttons will always be unwanted programs.

This pop-up is the main problem that you encounter. It is regarded as a browser hijacker that often hijacks the infected browsers to its malicious domain. You cannot get rid of it easily because its components in your PC ensure it can keep appearing. In other words, your homepage and new tab URLs has already been replaced by the random ones offered by dllsoftper.com. You need to remove all the threats to fix your browser.

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Qqovd.com belongs to the category of browser hijacker. This browser hijacker mainly comes into your computer along with  other free downloads from the Internet because it is usually bundled itself with the free software installation. Therefore, to protect your PC from this browser hijacker, you should keep an eye on the whole setup process of the freeware you want to install.


Once installed, this browser hijacker is able to change your homepage, replace your default search engine, alter your browser settings and redirect you to its homepage without any approval. So, if your default homepage and search engine are changed to Qqovd.com, your browser must be hijacked.

Being hijacked by such a tricky and pesky browser hijacker, your browsers will act abnormally, and computer performance also become poorer and poorer. If you still do not take actions to remove this browser hijacker from your computer, you will experience lots of pop-up ads, endless annoying redirects when you are surfing online. Want a smooth and normal PC operation? Want to safeguard your PC from further damage caused by Qqovd.com? Remove this browser hijacker timely once you find it.

Click to Download Auto Fix Tool – SpyHunter Recommended Here to Get Rid of Qqovd.com Quickly Now

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What is Start.iminent.com?

Start.iminent.com is an unreliable website which is categorized as a browser hijacker promoted via bundled with freeware. It usually is bundled with the freeware installation as a optional offer set for automatic installation. So, computer users very often download this browser hijacker or other unwanted programs unwittingly. Once this browser hijacker manages to penetrate into the computer system, it will alter and replace users’ browser homepage as well as default search engine, then the users will be redirected to its own site – start.iminent.com again and again.

Technically, Istartpageing.com is not a virus, but it does cause much trouble to computer users.

  • Once installed, it can corrupt all the most common used browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome,etc. As a result, you may encounter endless annoying redirects.
  • Numerous unwanted and annoying ads display on the screen whenever you are online.
  • The sponsored links caused by this browser hijacker may redirect you to some unwanted even malicious websites against your will.
  • Keeping this browser hijacker on your computer may endanger your personal information like email address, banking records because it has the ability to track users’ browsing histories and collect related information.

A Screenshot of Start.iminent.com:


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Imptestrm.com takes over your browser by redirecting you to its domain? You cannot get rid of this pesky website? Want to remove it with easy steps? Here is a post offering step by step removal instruction. Please keep reading.

Information about Imptestrm.com

Imptestrm.com is a dubious website that causes browser hijacker in different kinds of web browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. It may change and corrupt your default settings when it roots in your system. This suspected website usually comes bundled with other free programs or embedded onto the web scripts. Both your automount of other programs or visit to the suspicious website will lead to this kind of infection. That is why imptestrm.com often enters the vulnerable PCs without users’ awareness and consent. Read More →


You got Zbu.makingreplied.com on your web browser? It kept reappearing and took over your browser homepage? You need fast and safe ways to get rid of this mulish website from your computer? Here is a post offering step by step removal instruction. Please keep reading.

Information about Zbu.makingreplied.com

Zbu.makingreplied.com is dubious website that causes browser hijackers on many famous browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If you are seeing pop-up window noted as Zbu.makingreplied.com when you launch your browser, your computer is infected with a malware.

Zbu.makingreplied.com often comes bundled with other freeware or shareware. If you carelessly install the infected software, you are possible to get infected with it. Please mind your online activities since regular visit to malicious or corrupt websites may lead to be infected because this program can also be distributed via hidden web scripts and corrupted hyperlinks. Read More →


“I watched tv online the other night using only the standard network sites (CBS, NBC, and ABC) and now my Google search is being redirected to some “partner” called yourtv.link. My homepage is also being directed to: http://yourtv.link/…”

You are still stuck in this suspected website? Please read this post carefully to get rid of it.

What is Yourtv.link?

Yourtv.link is related to a worthless browser domain which offers you a seemingly normal search bar. It disguises as a legitimate search website to help you search something quickly. However, it is just a nasty website that causes browser hijackers.

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